Recap May 29, 2021

Jasper recognized these catacombs as being dedicated to Dumathoin, patron of mining and exploration and the protector of the dwarven dead.

They saw another passageway to the north. They determined that it led to the Undermountain level above where they were currently located. They would wait to explore that area for another day.

They approached the catacombs slowly. It was quiet. Too quiet.

Hetty looked around the first corner into the catacombs but did not see anything. Henrik moved past her and looked up into the catacombs and saw a giant spider but this one was different from the giant spiders and phase spiders that they had fought before. Riva would later identify it as a ghostwalk spider. The ghostwalk spider was rushing toward Henrik. Henrik told the others and moved forward to attack the spider. The spider was faster and bit at Henrik a few times. And then it disappeared. Henrik attacked in front of him where he thought the spider should be but all of his attacks missed. Pixel in earth elemental form began looking for the invisible spider. She burrowed through the stone walls of the catacombs in hopes of surprising the creature but she did not find it either. Hetty moved up into the catacombs and encountered a phase spider. She took it out easily.

Several more phase spiders appeared but they did not see the ghostwalk spider. An invisible web hit the wall behind Riva. She fired several shots in the area where the webbing at come from. She hit nothing. She began to shout obscenities in Undercommon. She would continue doing so for the rest of the combat.

Pixel continued east looking for the ghostwalk spider. She spotted the ghostwalk spider about 50ft to the southeast. She motioned to the others to follow if they could and she went to engage the spider. The spider bit Pixel and then disappeared. After finishing the phase spiders off Hetty followed Pixel while Riva stayed behind to make sure that no other spiders were in the catacombs. Kataract still a mammoth blocked the passage to the west so nothing could get past him. Vedra and Jasper stayed with him to give support in case anything appeared and as the others moved east they followed.

Riva fired up every corridor in the catacombs but did not hit anything. Suddenly Kataract was encased in webbing. Being a mammoth it did not take long for it to come out of it. Meanwhile the ghostwalk spider appeared and attacked Riva (this part is very fuzzy in my memory). She fired more shots with her crossbow hitting each time. The ghostwalk spider again disappeared. Riva was not happy with this beast. The ghostwalk spider appeared again and this time she took it out.

Riva could still hear fighting to the east. She motioned for Kataract, Jasper and Vedra to move up the most western catacomb corridor while she ran up one of the middle ones and then to the east.

Pixel and Hetty had run into a few quaggoths. Several invisible webs slammed into the walls around them but they were not webbed. That was when they realized there were two ghostwalk spiders.

A drow mage appeared from within the quaggoths. The first thing he did was cast Darkness centered near Pixel catching Hetty and Pixel in it. Riva moved to the edge of the darkness but Henrik rushed past her into the darkness since he could see in magical darkness. Henrik tried to give directions inside the darkness and for the most part it worked. Riva did have one arrow bounce off of Henrik’s armor but her other arrows managed to hit quaggoths and not Hetty. Hetty took out the last quaggoth when the drow mage cast Sickening Radiance on everything in the room. That was when they realized Cray Cray had been with them all long. She took some of the sickening radiance and then ran back north out of the combat proper. She ran into Kataract, Jasper and Vedra and they set up a choke point. Kataract came out of the mammoth polymorph and began casting healing in Riva, Henrik and Hetty. Vedra also cast healing mostly on Henrik and Riva. Those two had taken the brunt of the damage so far. With casting Sickening Radiance, the drow mage had to drop the Darkness. Everyone’s attacks focused on the drow mage and soon the sickening radiance was gone as well. He cast a few more spells but they were not effective and soon he dropped. The other ghostwalk spider reappeared and Pixel and it squared off with Hetty punching when she could and Riva unloading crossbow bolts into it. Soon it fell.

Pixel moved through the open door and saw three more drow. He recognized one of the beefier ones that they had fought before and she concentrated her attacks on him while the others one-shotted the two other drow. Soon all three drow were down.

They looked around the room they were in and saw:

Sparkling veins of gold stripe this hall. These minerals were recently being mined by something as several pickaxes were on the floor and several piles of the gold were around the room. Jasper said it is pyrite, fool’s gold. It is still worth something but not like real gold would be. They took the pyrite and put in one of their bags of holding.

One room back where they had fought the quaggoths, the ghostwalk spider and the drow mage they saw:

Thick cobwebs stretch between the walls and form a canopy across the ceiling, from which hundreds of tiny spiders dangle on silken threads.Two large bundles of spider silk flank the entry door.

Cutting open the bundles of spider silk they found two stout statues of dwarves- one bearing a pickaxe, the other a chisel and hammer. They were life-sized statues.

The west door in the second room where they had fought the last three drow was emblazoned with a bronze relief of a mountain with a fist-sized depression in its center. The door was locked.

Hetty went to pick but it did not have a traditional lock on it. They would have to figure out another way to open. The realized quickly that they needed to out something in the fist-sized depression in the middle of the door. Henrik remembered that they had insert gems to unlock other doors and/or chests on the Lost Level. He was about to look for a gem when Pixel earth glided through the wall just above the door. She saw:

This ancient temple of Dumathoin has been converted into a vile hatchery for the giant spiders they had seen previously. A drow priestess of Lolth, stands atop a raised dais at the back of the hall, presiding over two groups of drow. One had four, the other group had two. Standing almost in front of Pixel was a larger than normal cambion with spider like features. It was covered in symbols of Lolth. She knew it was a Lolth-touched creature, one specially blessed by the goddess Lolth. Beside the drow priestess, a yochlol, the creature that they had seen in the silver mirror in the cobweb covered room appeared.

As the lolth-touched cambion moved to attack Pixel, all 6 drow cast Faerie Fire on her lighting her up in a eerie purple glow. They then pulled out their hand crossbows and started to aim for her.

She quickly glided back through the stone wall and motioned to every to leave and leave as fast as they could. Vedra caught on quick and moved to the first door that they had encountered and began to prepare a Stone Shape spell to cast on the door once everyone had gotten out. They all rushed up the corridor only to see Pixel, Gyudd and Jasper engaged in a fight with several more quaggoths. Jasper cast Sleet Storm to slow the quaggoths down. Everyone got at least one shot in on the quaggoths and soon they too were defeated.

They decided that they would head back to Azrok’s Hold to ask for help with the main bulk of the drow and their demon allies.