Recap November 10, 2018

After checking to see if there was any extra equipment they may need, they followed Ranaer to the sewer entrance he had told them about. The sewers have no natural light so those without Darkvision will need to have some form of light source.

A putrid stream flows along this sewer tunnel, which leads in two directions. In one direction, you see a tiny symbol drawn on the wall in yellow chalk: a palm-sized circle with ten equidistant spokes radiating out from its circumference.

After an hour of following signs through the tunnels, you come to a three-way intersection where a ladder leads up into a stone shaft capped by a circular metal cover. One of the familiar chalk symbols is marked on a wall nearby, and floating near the symbol is a spherical, grapefruit-sized creature with a bulging central eye and four stumpy eyestalks. It bares its teeth at you.


As the spectator moves forward to attack the group moves to get into good positions to make an attack of their own. The spectator shoots many beams from its eyestalks but none seem to do much damage to anyone in group. Using a combination of spells, melee and ranged attacks the creature is soon destroyed.

They follow the sewer for another 5 minutes and then find the hideout they have been looking for.

The main sewer tunnel expands into a circular hub with a pair of arrow slits carved into its outer walls, directly across from each other. Two passages continue on to the north and south. A stone door is set into the back wall of a stone ledge to the west.

They decided to check out the door to the west. It opened into a short corridor that led north a few feet and the turned back to the west ending in another door. They opened it and saw another corridor running north to south. To the south was a large room. To the north they saw another room and some stairs leading up and the corridor turning east. They decided to check out the room to the south first. Rusty weapons and threadbare clothing clutter the floor of this area. It contains nothing of value. Maybe it served as a coat room and/or armory.

While Ryan continued to search the junk room Hettie, Pixel, and Heinrich moved north to check out those passages. Heinrich stopped at the original door they came in and Reva joined Hettie and Pixel and they all moved stealthily ahead. Heinrich stayed with Jasper and Ranaer at the door and kept watch in all directions.

Reva, Hettie and Pixel crept into the room and looked to the east. They saw four goblins, two were stationed at two arrow slots at all time while the other two looked to be guarding their back. So far, it looked like the goblins did not know they were there. Reva fired her bow at one of the goblins that had a bow, as Hettie jumped into attack with Pixel shifting into a lion and attacking the goblins. Jasper was watching things when he heard Ranaer say we have company. Another goblin was moving in the sewers towards them trying to come from behind. Three more goblins soon followed. Reva, Hettie and Pixel made short work on their goblins. Heinrich and Ryan moved to help Jasper and Ranaer and soon the second set of goblins were defeated as well.

They met up with Reva and Hettie and headed east.

The next room contains six tattered, straw-stuffed mattresses and nothing of value. The room did have a door in its southeastern corner. Getting close to the door they could hear movement and voices coming from the next room. “Keep moving the heavy stuff. We want that door barricaded as quick as possible.”“Shut up, we are going as fast as we can. Why don’t you give us a hand?”

Hettie and Reva opened the door and two duergar stood in front of them. One of the duergar said “What are you doing here?” Hettie said we are here to rescue someone” “No you are not” and the duergar attacked. Just beyond the duergar were two men moving beds and tables against a door to the northeast. They decided not to attack the men and just attack the duergar. There was no stopping Jasper when he saw two of his racial enemies before him. Ryan convinced the two men not to join the attack and soon the group had defeated the duergar.


When the two men turned around after the fight the group recognized one of them as the man who got into the fight with the half-orc at the Yawning Portal. The man saw them and said oh fuuuuu. What do you all want. They repeated they were looking for a kidnapped man. The two men looked at each other and pointed to the room they had been barricading. “He is in there” they said. Using intimidation the group said if you tell us where to find this man we will not kill you. The man they recognized from the Yawning Portal said, go through the other door to the southeast, follow the corridor to the south and go up the stairs. He is being held there.

Get out of here the group motioned and the two men ran out the way the group had come in.

They opened the door and stealthily moved down the hallway to the south. Reva, Hettie and Pixel crept up the stairs and looked into a large room.

Threadbare curtains hang on the east wall of a long hall, in the middle of which a muscular half-ore in dingy robes stands with his foot on the chest of a male human with wavy red-blond hair. Fire burns around the ore’s clenched fist, and his victim cries and squirms helplessly beneath him. Seated on a raised platform to the south is a nightmarish figure wearing black robes. It has large white eyes and rubbery purple skin, with four tentacles encircling its inhuman mouth. It cradles and gently caresses what looks like two disembodied brains with feet.


They knew they had found Floon but they had to take care of the creatures that were in the room including a mindflayer! As they were moving to attack the half-orc who was holding Floon down, the mindflyer rose from his seat and floated towards the double doors on the western wall. The doors opened for him and shut behind them once he had left. The two disembodied brains moved forward to attack but they group stayed focused on the half-orc. Reva used her bow and Ryan used his crossbow to take out one of the disembodied brains but they other moved forward and attacked Pixel, stunning her. Reva picked her up and put her in one of her bags. They took down the disembodied brain and then focused on the half-orc spellcaster. He cast some powerful spells but he was no match for them. He soon fell. They rushed over to Floon who was unconscious but breathing. Medicine skill was used and he was given a healing spell and soon he was awake but moving very slowly. He kept mumbling about a room just to the northeast, just off this main room. Floon said he overheard that there was a an escape tunnel there and instead of going out the way they came in, the escape tunnel would be quicker.


The room looked empty, but a thorough search revealed a rough-hewn tunnel hidden beneath a loose flagstone. They moved the flagstone and a low tunnel. They followed it and came to a wooden door at the top of a wooden ladder. They pushed through the door and found themselves in a beer cellar and sitting to the right of where they came in was an older halfling and a younger halfling both sipping on a mug of beer. Startled at first, once they saw Hettie and heard what the group had been doing in their cellar, Mr. Peabody invited them for a small meal and to have some beer with him and his family. Mrs. Peabody arrived with a tray of fruit, cheese and bread and Mr. Peabody and his son poured mugs of beer for everyone.

The group did not stay long. The Peabodys said they would look into sealing off the trapdoor and until, Heinrich and Reva moved one of the keg stands over top the trapdoor just in case someone else tried to use it. They said their goodbyes and headed to the Yawning Portal in hopes of finding Volo there.

It was around 4:30am and they had never seen the Yawning Portal so empty. Durnan and Bonnie were behind the bar. Durnan nodded to them and pointed over to a corner table where Volo sat alone, staring into space. They called to him and he grew a smile as he saw them with both Ranaer and Floon. Durnan brought over breakfast and the reunited friends celebrated.

Volo spoke to the group. He thanks them again. He then paused and continued “ I confess that I have but few coins to spare. But never let it be said that Volo reneges on a promise. Allow me to present something much more valuable .” He holds out a scroll tube. ‘’The deed to a remarkable property here in Waterdeep! We’ll need a magistrate to witness the transfer of ownership. I’ll arrange a meeting with one after you’ve inspected the estate and deemed it satisfactory.”

The tube contained a deed to Trollskull Manor, a historic building in the North Ward. The deed has been notarized and appears legitimate. Volo explained that he recently purchased the property because it is rumored to be haunted and he was hoping that investigating it might yield a chapter or two for his next book Volo’s Guide to Spirits and Specters.

They went to the North Ward to see Trollskull Manor. It would need some work but the bottom floor had a tavern and Ryan was all for opening it and having a space for entertainment. It did not take long but the group accepted Volo’s offer. Volo made an appointment later that day with a magistrate, a tiefling named Kylynne Silmerhelve who witnessed and signed everything over to the groups. And then asked for the estate transfer tax that was usually paid by the new owners. The tax was paid and the manor was theirs.

Trollskull Manor is the main feature of Trollskull Alley. It was a small middle class neighborhood with several businesses and a good number of housing. Found in Trollskull Alley is:

The Bent Nail - All of your carpentry needs are to be found here. Run by Tally Fellbranch Steam and Steel - A forge for metal items of all kinds from horseshoes to weapons. Run by Embric, a fire genasi and Avi, a water genasi Corellon’s Crown - Herbalist shop run by Fala Lefaliir Tiger’s Eye - detective agency run by Vincent Trench Book Wyrm’s Treasure - Bookstore run by Rishaal the Page-Turner, a gold dragonborn.

They went to The Bent Nail and ordered bedroom furniture. They then asked about the Manor and about the rumored ghost. They did not get much from the folks in the Alley, just the same story of a half-elf who worked all of his life to build the tavern to what he wanted it to be only to day right after it was all set. They found a small brewery called Frewn’s Brews and went into to ask about how business was. The owner, Emmek Frewn said that business was okay but could be better. When it was revealed that they owned the Trollskull Manor and they were going to reopen the tavern he said good. Competition is a good thing but probably try to not over saturate the areas with meals. They thanked him for his advice and went to see about getting the tavern up and running.

It would take 12 days for the tavern to be renovated at a cost of 1,0000 gold. It would cost another 250 gold for guild licenses and contracts. Regular expenses per tenday were 50gp for maintenance and wages of hirelings. 10gp per tenday for all other guild expenses.

The haunting began almost immediately. Glasses falling off the bar or the tables, plates smashed in the kitchen area and messages written wherever dust settled: “Closing Time!” or “Last Call!” Hettie went to the Order of the Gauntlet, Jasper went to the Lords’ Alliance and Ryan went to see Durnan, all hoping to find more information about the man who was now a ghost. They all came back with a similar story: The half-elf’s name was Lif. He started off as a barkeeper and worked his way up, finally buying the Trollskull Manor from its previous owners. In fact, he ended up owning a large portion of Trollskull Alley but he kept secret from his tenants as he did not want to ruin the relationship he had with them. After the end of bad relationship he put all of his time and money into making Trollskull Manor the best tavern he could and one week after he had it exactly the way he wanted it, he died. Durnan added this advice: “Keep renovating the tavern and the manor. A man such as Lif only wants to see his tavern shine and full of happy customers.

They all gathered back at the Manor and decided to keep renovating the building. On the 10th day the glasses stopped being broken and there were no more messages written in dust. On the 12th day, right before opening to the public, they found another message written on the mirror behind the bar. It read simply “Thanks.”

The first week the tavern was open, things started slow but soon word of mouth had gotten out and they made 50 gold in profits. Volo, Ranaer, Floom and even Durnan showed up on Opening Night. Also during that first week, they found that some of their new business came from their rescue of Floon. Word has gotten out about what they did and people wanted to meet them and thank them. This included representatives from some of the major factions operation in town.

Riva and Pixel were approached by a white tom cat that spoke in melodious voice. “We understand you are already a member of the Emerald Enclave. Interested in helping the local chapter? Come meet us at Phaulkonmere in the Southern Ward.”

Ryan received a note by a paper bird. “Renaer tells me you are a good bet. He bought you tickets to the opera tonight at the Lightsinger Theater in the Sea Ward. If you are interested, meet Mirt at intermission. Private Box C. Formal attire is required for admittance.”

Jasper was approached by Jalester Silvermane, a representative of the Lord’s Alliance. He asked if it was true that he was a member of the Delian Order. Jasper said he was and that the Order and the Alliance had some connections. Jalester said yes we do. Then he asked if Jasper would be interested in helping out the Alliance from time to time, as needed. Jasper agreed. Jalester said he would return when a need arose.

Hettie and Heinrich were both approached by Savra Belabranta, inviting them to the Halls of Justice in the temple of Tyr located just west of Market Square in the Castle Ward. There, they can be sworn in as members of the Waterdeep Chapter of the Order of the Guantlet. They agreed.

Their Waterdeep adventures are just beginning.