Recap October 19, 2019

The group decided to finish a short rest to regain health and some of their abilities. They wanted to explore the rest of the towers. Plus, Lady Gondafrey was anxious to smite evil. They went down the stairs that were in the room where the staves came to life. Lady Gondafrey led them to a door on the southeast wall opposite where the half-orc had been sitting and reading. He was no longer there. The door was unlocked and they saw:

There were standing on a stone landing with no railings. Across from the landing, a wide stone ledge protrudes from the northeast wall beneath a window. A pair of identical wooden chests sit atop the ledge. To the southeast was another small ledge with a closed door.

They were interested in the ledge with the two chests. Lady Gondafrey was checking out the ledge they were on. She said I have heard stories of invisible stairs in this place but I have never seen then nor have I found them. Heinrich tied a rope to Hetty who had decided to jump across to the ledge with the chests. Catarack buffed her to make her jump easier and then he took out some sand and threw it across the area that Lady Gondafrey had been searching. As Hetty jumped, the sand settled and Catarack saw the outline of stairs leading around the edge of the tower stopping by the ledge and then going on up to the next level of the tower. Hetty look around for something to tie the rope around and found only the chest. She chose the chest closest to her and looked for a way to tire the rope. She then noticed the rest of her companions had found the invisible stairs and an invisible floor and were making their ways to her. She then decided to check to see if the chest was locked. It was so she began to pick the lock and suddenly she was stuck to the chest and a long pseudopod with a hand on the end of it had come from the chest and had grabbed her. The mimic’s mouth began to open to try and bite her. She was able to get unstuck from the chest itself but the pseudopod was still attached to her. Heinrich slashed the pseudopod and it fell to the ground cut in two. Reva shot arrows into the mimic while Pixel and Catarack gave support spells. Soon the mimic was defeated and it reverted to its natural blobbish form.


Heinrich used his pike to test the other chest. It was solid and his pike did not stick to it. After he was sure it was not a mimic, Hetty went over and found the chest unlocked. Insider were thirteen items, each of which can be used as an arcane focus: two crystals, an orb, four rods, and six wands.

They decided to go up the invisible stairs and leave the door to the southeast and the stairs leading down for later. Heading upstairs they saw: This room consists of a ledge connected to the levels above and below by invisible staircases. Shattered glass covers the floor, and a large wooden trellis table has been knocked on its side. A large empty cabinet dominates the back wall. They did a quick search and did not find anything of value.

They went on up to the next floor:

This room is connected to the levels above and below by invisible staircases. A 10-foot-diameter circle of runes has been drawn on the floor in blood that is now dried. Smoke billows from four iron braziers placed around the circle. Four mages stand outside the circle, chanting an incantation. A wendigo is slumped motionless within the circle.


Reva identified the wendigo. It was a fiend that it was rumored was created when cannibalism had occurred. It was also said that the creature could cause unnatural hunger in those it encountered enticing them toward cannibalism. The wendigo did not seem to be fully awake. Catarack determined that the mages were subduing the creature to bend it to their will. Using Comprehend Languages he was sure that someone else had started the ritual and these mages were to finish it. Lady Gondafrey was ready to destroy the creature. They would need to defeat the mages first. The mages were not much of a challenge and soon the wendigo was free. It started to look around at its new enemies. Several of them were frightened as he looked them in their eyes. He tried to give them the unnatural hunger but they never took. The wendigo attacks fiercely with his claws and his jaws but it was not enough. Hetty leaped on the creature’s back and stabbed on it with her magic dagger, Reva peppered it with arrows, Heinrich attacked with his pike, Pixel transformed into a bear and Catarack used spells and rapier and hand crossbow attacks and soon the wendigo was defeated and it disappeared. Catarack guessed it had gone back to its plane of origin. They did a quick search. All of the mages had an arcane focus on them and they were all wearing a teleporter ring.

They went on up to the next floor. Heinrich guesses they were at least 5 stories up. They saw: The invisible staircase from the are below ends in front of a closed door. The door is unlocked and opens into the room, which contains the following: Bits of clay, stone, bone, and metal litter the floor and cover a wooden table in the middle of the room. The floor creaks and tilts slightly when stepped on, and it can be seen to be detached from the walls. Two oversized iron clamps on opposite sides of the room hold the floor in place. Each of these rusty mechanisms is attached to an iron lever. A wooden staircase once climbed 20 feet to the next level, but it has partially collapsed.

As they entered the room all of the metal pieces that had been laying around the floor suddenly came together and formed a suit of armor. And it began to move to attack them.


They full attacked the armor. It then rushed to one side of the room towards one of the levers. Pixel, in bear form, tried to get in front of the animated suit of armor but she was not able to stop it from pulling the lever. The floor was driven upwards, slamming Pixel, Gondafrey and Heinrich and Hetty into the ceiling above them. The animated armor was thrown up as well and it was destroyed. The ones that had been thrown upwards did have access to the next floor above. It took a little climbing but it was not difficult. They threw down a rope to their friends and soon there were all on the 6th floor.

This was the first are they had been in that was not lit by a Continual Light spell. Hetty used Ki to give her and Heinrich Darkvision. Looking around the hallway like area they found 1-inch-diameter holes drilled into the walls at ankle height, set at regular intervals (about 6 inches apart) along the length of the passage. There was a door to the northeast and a door to the southeast. Next to the door to the southeast stood a flesh golem.

Pixel in bear form went to look at the flesh golem. As she got within 10ft, the golem came to life and stepped forward to the side of Pixel. Pixel looked down and saw that the golem had been standing on a pressure place that now clicked into place and poison gas poured out the holes in the wall. Hetty ran to the door to the northeast. It was unlocked and inside the poison gas was not effecting that room. The unlit hall was choked with dust and cobwebs. It contains the following features: An elaborate rune is inscribed on the back wall at the southernmost end of the hall. She called over Catarack and Jasper to see if they could figure anything out about the ruin. The rest of the group focused on the flesh golem and soon it fell in a puddle of butter-like flesh. Jasper investigated the rune. He cast detect magic on it and it revealed a powerful aura of conjuration magic around the rune. He dug into his arcane knowledge and it hit him, this rune sustained the force field around Kolat Towers. And it could be destroyed but he was not sure how to do that and was not sure if they should even do that. They talked about it briefly and decided to wait. They searched the whole floor and found a secret door in the first hallway they had arrived in on this level. Heinrich saw how to open the secret door and bracing himself he opened it. Inside was an oval canopy bed veiled in cobwebs that sits across from two narrow bookshelves. The room smells like a tomb. Rising from the dust and cobwebs in the middle of the room was flameskull. It rose to about chest height on Heinrich and it spoke:

“Get out of my house!”


And it started to cast a spell.

Heinrich rushed forward and was able to disrupt the skull’s casting. He did a good amount of damage to it as well. The rest of the group attacked the skull but still it bobbed around in the middle of the room. It then fired off three rays of fire, hitting Hetty and Gondafrey hard. The rays seemed to hit like a fireball. They focused spells and melee and ranged attacks and soon the skull dropped the ground and exploded getting everyone in its radius of fire.

They healed up some and decided to take a short rest and then keep on going. The bookshelves had been picked up and they assumed that the best volumes were the ones that were now missing. Heinrich saw a title that he liked but he could tell the book was not real. He gave it a tug and a secret area just below the shelf opened up and a wand fell out. He gave the wand to Jasper to Identify later.

They went down to the first room Gondafrey had led them to. They decided to go through the door to the southeast. Opening the door they saw a wooden bridge connecting the two towers 20 feet above the ground, and a walkway attached to the bridge encircles the outside of the outer tower. The bridge and the tower walkway lack railings. Their planks and stones groan and crack underfoot but are safe to walk on. Beyond the bridge, they saw into the outer tower. This level of the outer tower consists of a landing and a narrow ledge with the following features: The landing is 10 feet square and is met by two staircases. One descends 20 feet, and one ascends 20 feet. The narrow ledge built into the southeast wall has a life-size statue of a bearded human wizard standing atop it. The wizard looks angry and is leveling a stone wand towards the bridge.

Heinrich and Catarack moved forward and when one of them was within 15ft of the statue, it levitated and a booming voice said

“I am Duhlark Kolat, the great wizard, and master of this tower! How dare you invade my home! leave at once or be destroyed by magic beyond your comprehension!”

But no powerful magic ever happened and a minute later the state stopped levitating and returned to the stone block below it.

They decided to head upstairs. This room above has the following features: • A tall oak bookshelf contains a few scattered books {all mundane and worthless), but is mostly bare. Above the bookshelf hangs a beautifully crafted sign that reads “Alcedor” in Common. There is a door to the southeast. After checking the room they opened the door. This next room was almost identical to the last one and it has the following features: • A tall oak bookshelf holds a few dozen books. Above the bookshelf hangs a beautifully crafted sign that reads “Duhlark” in Common. • A staircase ascends 20 feet to the floor above.

These shelves had more books on them probably around 30. As they got close to check out the books, they all animated and became a swarm of books. There was a great number of them but they did not last long and soon they were lying scattered on the floor.

They headed up the stairs and saw: this highest chamber of the outer tower. It contains the following features:A beholder-kin floats in the middle of the room, and four flying snakes flutter above the rafters. • Runes inscribed on the floor form a large, faintly glowing circle. • Five wooden treasure chests with sturdy padlocks rest against the walls.

Riva identified it as a gauth. A gauth is a hungry, tyrannical beholder-like creature that eats magic and tries to exact tribute from anything weaker than itself. Its body is about 4 feet in diameter, with six eyestalks, a central eye (sometimes surrounded by multiple smaller eyes), and four small grasping tentacles near its mouth. It has color and texture variations similar to a true beholder.


Heinrich was immediately stunned and then pushed back 20 feet down the stairs. Everyone was able to hold on to keep from falling and to stop him from falling any further. Gondafrey stepped forward to attack the flying snakes and she too was stunned and pushed backward. Hetty rushed up under the floating eye and attacked from below. She was attacked by several of the gauth’s eye rays but took the most damage from its fire ray. They focused on the gauth with Hetty using her magic dagger, Riva attacking with her bow, Catarack with spells and a combination of rapier and hand crossbow, Heinrich using his pike and attacking bear form and then shifting to heal the rest of the group. The gauth did not last long.

Jaspar and Catarack determined that the circle was a teleportation circle similar to ones they had seen before. They were not sure if they should go through it. They may end up far away. Jaspar said that the circle was permanent and had a unique address to another circle it was tied to. Gondafrey said she had heard of a secret sanctum somewhere in the tower. This circle maybe how to get there. She said we should get a long rest so we can be at our strongest before we head there.

Gondafrey said there were two more areas they had not checked out. They would look at those rooms and then come back to the top room with the circle to get a long rest. The first room was a garbage dump. They decided to take a brief look and it ended up being worthwhile digging around in the trash. They found a Healing cap, a frying pan of fire and a wand of tomato slinging. The second room was musty and was situated at the bottom of the main tower. It contains the following features: A suit of dented plate armor stands in the center of the room. Tomes are packed into built-in stone bookshelves, with a tall alcove above each shelf holding a gargoyle. An in-progress game of Dragonchess sits on a marble table in a reading nook.

Among the tomes, Hetty found a book that stood out immediately. It was a Manual of Quickness of Action. After studying it ones Dexterity would be raised 2 points and their max would go up to 22. The magic would reset after some had finished reading the book. They could not determine how many times the magic could be used.

They went back to the teleportation circle room. Jaspar identified all of the magic items. They then set a watch and took a long rest.