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Recap September 11, 2021

Henrik found that the door was locked. He called for Hetty who went to work but soon realized that the lock on the door was fake and there had to be another way to open the door. Kataract and Jasper felt positive that it was a magical lock but neither one of them had the Knock spell. Pixel cast Dispel Magic and the door unlocked and slid open a few inches. Henrik opened the door slowly and saw:

An unusually large xorn, 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide, slept soundly in the middle of the room. While asleep, the creature remained standing, its mouth and eyes closed, its arms hanging limply with knuckles scraping the floor. Henrik noticed four regular-sized xorn sleeping at various places around the room.

Twenty cubes of solid granite measuring 8 feet on a side are arranged about the chamber.

Four unfinished statues situated around the room have piles of chipped stone around their bases.

Riva could have sworn that the big xorn was sniffing the air as it slept.

Vedra said if only we had a Dispel Smell spell.

Hetty cast Pass without a Trace and they entered the room. None of the xorn moved as they crept over to one of the solid granite cubes. Henrik gave Reva a boost and she was on top of one of the cubes She saw there were 20 cubes scattered around the room and to the southeast there was a door. She had a good feeling where that door led but they would have to open it to be sure.

She could also see each unfinished statue. Starting with the northernmost one and going clockwise the statues were

• A mostly finished statue of a female dwarf priest carrying a stone censer

• A half-finished statue of a cheery dwarf girl riding on the shoulders of her beaming father, whose lower body has not yet been carved

• A half-finished stone door carved with the image of a heavily armored dwarf clashing axes with a minotaur

• A mostly uncarved block of stone from which the features of an ornate stone brazier are emerging

The bulk of the group went to investigate the first statue. They then heard the closest small xorn sniffing as well. Suddenly all of the smaller ones awoke and began to move towards both the group at the first statue and where Reva and Gyudd had stayed on and near the cube.

Reva started to rain down arrows on the xorn that was approaching her cube. Jasper cast Ray of Frost to slow it down. Hetty moved towards the closest xorn nearest the first statue and hit it with rapier and open fist attacks. One of the smaller xorn moved over to the big xorn and attempted to wake it as the first xorn fell near the cube that Reva was standing on top of.

The xorn to the east was dropped by Hetty and she and the others moved towards the big xorn which now had two smaller xorn near it. Jasper cast Sleet Storm turning the floor to ice causing all but one xorn to go prone. Reva and Cray used their ranged attacks on that one while the others moved attack the two prone ones, the big xorn and a smaller xorn.

Soon all of the xorn were defeated.

They began to check out the cubes of solid granite. Suddenly Gyudd said that is not granite. That cube is made of plaster. He took out a small hammer and began to chip away at the plaster. Gyudd and Reva saw the side of an alabaster throne with some chips out of it. ,Guydd said I think everyone should come see this. The workmanship was definitely not dwarven but to know what it was for sure, they would need to remove all of the plaster from around it. Reva began to help Gyudd removing it as the others came closer. Kataract was not patient so he cast Shatter removing all of the plaster from around what they could now see was a throne.

A chipped alabaster throne of elven design, sturdy in construction yet elegant in form. It is intricately carved to resemble bundled branches and twigs , with a tiny songbird perched on one end of its back. There used to be five carved songbirds perched atop the throne, but four have been broken off and lost.

Reva and Henrik remembered the story that Volo had told them several months before:

This story dates to the fall of Illefarn, an elven kingdom of the North. An alabaster throne belonging to Syglaeth Audark, the last coronal of Illefarn, disappeared from the capital city of Aelinthaldaar, where the Mad Mage built his tower and today stands Waterdeep.

It’s said that a group of dwarves feared the destruction of such a miraculous work of stonecraft and stole the throne right out from under the elves’ slender noses. Where the dwarves hid it for so long, who knows? But s hould you find it in Undermountain it would please the elves of the North to know it survives.

Reva recognized the throne from the stories she heard as an elf. They would need to get this back to Volo and to the elves. If they could get it into one of the Bags of Holding but they opening was too small. Also, how heavy was it? Jasper and Henrik realized it only weighed 500 pounds when it should have weighed much more, into the thousands of pounds. Shatter had done nothing to it so it must have some magical qualities. Reva asked if anyone could reduce it. Jasper or Kataract could so they emptied one Bag of Holding while Jasper or Katatact shrunk the throne. Henrik then picked it up and put into the Bag of Holding.

The group had talked of returning to either Skullport or Waterdeep to do some shopping for magic items and other equipment. But there was nothing that any of them really needed so they headed back to the portal that would take them back to the Lost Level. Azrock told them that more of his people were returning each day and that he hoped that the powers that be in Skullport would listen to his requests for help in keeping the drow threat at bay.

They went through the gate. They went east from out of the portal room on the Lost Level. They came to a series of tunnels dug out by umber hulk but they saw a passageway and a door to the south and went to investigate it.

The door opened and inside they saw:

Black marble benches stand in the middle of this marble-tiled room. Alcoves in the west and east walls have rusted iron shower heads protruding from the ceiling. A rusty pull chain hangs near each shower head, and each alcove has drain holes in the floor.

Henrik went to check out the alcove in the east wall. He pulled one of the rusty chains and cold water came out of the shower head above. He then noticed a smaller chain about 3/4 down the wall. He pulled it and a secret door to the east opened up. Inside he saw:

Facing the secret door is an 8-foot-tall statue of a pig-eyed male dwarf sitting on a throne. Eight gemstones are embedded in the stone rings the dwarf wears on its steepled finger. In front of the statue is a 10-foot-deep open pit.

Henrik called Gyudd and Jasper down to see the statue. They recognized the dwarf statue as Abbathor, the dwarven god of greed. Jasper said this must have been built with the knowledge of anyone but the few that followed Abbathor. The stonework while good was not as good as the stonework elsewhere on the Lost Level. Henrik looked into the pit but did not see anything. Hetty and Kataract saw something shiny. Cray (or was it Kataract) used Mage Hand to try and remove it but it was too heavy. So she moved the debris from around it and saw that it was a peg leg made of mithral. Henrik jumped down and retrieved the peg leg and then looked around but did not see anything else. He climbed out of the pit.

Kataract removed the gems from the statue carefully. two sardonyxes (50 gp each), two zircons (50 gp each), an amethyst (100 gp), two garnets (100 gp each), a spine! ( 100 gp), and a tourmaline (100 gp).

They left the secret room and went to the south door. Henrik found it locked and the door felt out to his touch. Hetty picked it and Henrik opened it. The heat was not enough to cause either of them damage. Inside they saw:

Heat billows from vents built into the sides of an 8-foot-tall, 5-foot-diameter cylindrical copper tank in the middle of the room. A copper pipe extends upward from the tank and disappears into the ceiling. A fire elemental rages inside the tank.

A small iron wheel protrudes from the wall just inside the door.

Black marble benches hug the wall.

Reva wanted to release the fire elemental. She said it had been confined too long. It did not seem too concerned but she wanted it to be free. Vedra said that after a long rest she would learn Banishment and then send the elemental back to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Henrik tried to turn the small iron wheel. It would not budge. He turned it the other way but it still would not move. Hetty brought out some oil and put it on the axle. (I know Jasper did something with the wheel but I cannot remember what it was). The wheel finally turned and cold water poured into the tank with the fire elemental creating steam. The steam then began to fill the room and the room began to heat up. They turned the water off and left the sauna and headed into the umber hulk tunnels.

Henrik followed one of the tunnels east until he was stopped in his tracks by some force and he could not move anymore. He heard an old man’s voice say “You are not done with the quest for the Lost Level so you cannot go down to the next level. What is the quest asked Henrik. It is to find the king’s hand and then take it the temple and enter the Heart of the Mountain. You all are higher level than what is needed for this area. I am surprise you have not finished things yet. But no, you had a little side quest you just had to take care of.

Henrik said when I find you I will let you have it.

Halaster said I hope you do find me! I am looking for apprentices. Remember it is only 25 levels. Good luck!

Henrik said a few more things but never did get another response from Halaster. He went north and everyone followed.

He left the umber hulk tunnels and entered more dwarven made passageways. He saw a door to the right. Opening it he saw:

This circular room has a domed ceiling 30 feet high and contains the following features:

Six stone beds rest with their headboards against the walls. A shallow niche stands empty above each bed. At the foot of each bed is a stone chest that has been smashed open. Alabaster statuettes of dwarf kings lie smashed on the floor.

He left the room and continued north leaving the others to go over things more thoroughly.

He came to another door to the right. It looked almost the same as the one he had just opened. Opening this one he saw:

Six stone beds rest with their headboards against the walls. A shallow niche stands empty above each bed. At the foot of each bed is a stone chest that has been smashed open. Alabaster statuettes of dwarf kings lie smashed on the floor.

He gave a huff, left and continued north leaving the others to go over things more thoroughly.

He came to another door to the right. It looked almost the same as the one he had just opened. Opening this one he saw:

The walls and floor of this 30-foot-high domed chamber have been blackened by fire, and the room’s furnishings appear to have been incinerated. Charred bits of wood and stone lie strewn about the floor.

He left the room and continued north leaving the others to go over things more thoroughly.

The others had not found anything in the first two rooms. In the third room, the one where as an explosion had occurred, Jasper and Kataract investigated the room. The both realized that some sort of magical conflagration caused the damage, and that it started in the middle of the room. But, there was nothing to indicate what triggered the devastation.

Meanwhile, Cray explored a passageway to the west just above the second room. She stealthed and saw that the passageway to the north branched east and also continued north. The passageway to the south had a passageway to the east and but also continued north. Cray rejoined the group and told them what she had found. Henrik was almost out of Reva’s sight so she said come on we need to keep up with him.

Henrik entered an area that felt more like a museum than a temple or a dungeon. The first room he entered had:

Stone panels set into the west and east walls of this 20-foot-high room bear frescoes and Dwarvish runes that tell o f King Melair’s obsession with mithral. The discovery of vast veins of that metal in the Seadeeps (beneath what is today Mount Waterdeep) is recorded, as is Melair’s determination to rid Undermountain of its infestations of beholders, duergar, and drow.

As Henrik entered the room ghostly orbs of light arranged like the eyes of a beholder appeared in the middle of the room and slowly started moving towards Henrik. Henrik braced for an attack but the lights went right through him and disappeared as he heard Halaster’s voice in his head say “Psyche”.

Halaster was just screwing with him now.

Henrik continued north leaving the others to search the room. The passageway turned west and in the next room he saw:

Stone panels set into the north and south walls bear frescoes and Dwarvish runes. Three objects are displayed on stone blocks in the middle of the room, each encased under glass. A fourth display has been plundered, its glass broken and its object stolen.

Hetty and Reva checked out the frescoes. The frescoes depict Me lair’s early exploits as a prospector: building a bridge over a river, meeting his first elf, prospecting for ore and gems in caves and foothills, hiding from ores, and fighting a wyvern. Io each scene, he is joined by a small company of dwarf prospectors.

Reva realized that the stolen item was the representation or even a gift from Melair meeting his first elf. And probably the item was more valuable than the ones that were left behind.

Henrik continued west into a larger room:

Stone pillars support a series of stone arches beneath a 30-foot-high domed ceiling. Stone panels set into the walls bear frescoes and Dwarvish runes. The frescoes chronicle the birth of Melair, a common shield dwarf, and his early years struggling as a brewer, metalsmith, and stonecarver.

Henrik realized that they had come back around to some of the first rooms that they had explored on the Lost Level. To the north and then west should be the wooden donkey room where the first met Skella’s duergar crew. He saw the corridor went north and it also went east. He continued east and entered a long room to the north. There was a rounded alcove in the south and another smaller room to the east. In the main section of the room blunted picks hang with shields every 10 feet along the walls. He continued north and the saw a short passageway to the east ending in a set of double doors. Dwarvish runes for strength and safety are etched in the floor in front of the double doors to the east.

Henrik checked the doors and they were locked. Everyone had caught to him by now. Hetty stepped forward to open the lock while everyone else took defensive positions. Hetty picked the lock easily and as she opened the door, a pit trap opened under Jasper’s feet but he reached out and grabbed the wall of the pit just in time. The pit was around 20ft deep and there seemed to be a cloud of some sort resting at the bottom of it. Henrik helped Jasper up while Hetty looked at the cloud. She quickly realized that it was some type of corrosive gas but it as not rising so they did not think too much more on it and they then entered the room:

Four glowing quartz pillars cast bright light throughout the room. Twenty dwarf-sized stone mannequins stand in two rows of ten in the middle of the room. Stone racks mounted on the west and east walls hold battleaxes and war picks. Set into the back of a deep alcove to the south is a stone arch engraved with images of dancing dwarves.

Looks like an armory said Jasper as Henrik and Hetty moved to the stone arch. They did not wait for the others and walked right through.

(I cannot remember who received what boons and banes (except the one that happened to Jasper) but the following things happened to folks as they went through the arch and then came back through to the armory.)

Once within the next 24 hours, the target can use it s reaction to reduce the damage it takes from one source by 10d6. - Hetty

The target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or it gains vulnerability to all damage and a -2 penalty to death saving throws for 24 hours.- Pixel

The target can cast the augury spell as an act ion three times, requiring no components and with no chance of a random reading.- Henrik

Everyone found themselves in a 5ft x 5ft room with an arch gate to the north and a closed door to the south. Henrik opened the door and everyone heard a voice both inside their heads as well as regularly hearing. It said “Welcome wanderers.”

Henrik peaked around the doorway and saw a crumbling faux battlement surround the flat roof of this building that had just come out of. Atop the battlement sleeps a young green dragon with iridescent scales. A sword is lodged hilt-deep in its skull.

Reva could tell that they were in Wyllowwood and they did have business there but only after they completed things on the Lost Level. So the group turned around and went back through the arch way. (See above for the banes and boons)

Jasper went through first this time and was hit by 70 points of force damage. He was lying on the floor as the others came through. He looked up at Gyudd and said whatever that was, you need to bottle it.