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Restored Babulon Polity

G.GLORY system, coördinates 9.1,2.4. Neighbors K.ASIMOV, 5 light years distant; Db-WAN, 6.1, Dw-URIEL, 7.4. Notable planet HOPE, homeworld in exile of the Terran Human and capitol of Babulon Polity, Restored.

Muktian fleet stationed at the following stars

Gr.MAGOG 5.4,13.8, resource world Perdition, defense of Magog March, underpopulated. Uncolonized ocean world Coriolis (W.Theta 2.6,13.4), 2 white dwarfs (research & exotic manufacture).

Gro.INCARNADINE, 5.2,3.9, Ghaarthaan mythic homeworld / underworld Ankh. Extensive insystem infrastructure; trade route to Muktian native system Gro.CALDERA (Ghaartaan pride fleet in occupation of Bandur treasure planet), three Terhume colonies and industrial center V.GYGAX, site of Babulon II’s intervention between Tan Ru and Vulcanics (Gemini March, cap. Bandur); Omicron March worlds, three Terhum colonies and S.LIAK black hole; core worlds; and the intranebular channel of the Vulcanic Preserve. Key world.

W.YETH, 7.4,10.8, Ghaarthaan homeworld Gnaz. Way station for Channel traffick on route to Magog March and the Gulf.

Y.JEM 11.3,10.9, Gundohar carpet forest world, main Channel center, routes to Xg.PHOSPHORUS Kesh, Vulcanic Preserve systems, Gnaz (Muktian occupation fleet). Zorg fold to W.VESTA 12.0,12.3 before switching to nebular drives en route to *pilgrimage center K.CESTUS Argelia, resting place of the Tranthenine mummy Rylegz, often confused for the legendary Rylex.

Zorg fleets at CESTUS and O.OPAL, 13.6,4.4, ancient Loryx homeworld. The yodas fold to S.LIMBO where they enter the black hole transit lottery, hopefully emerging in Sector Prime. Nebular drive vessels warp to Channel star Kr-KARN, 10.8,5.2 Spartacus mainworld. Spartacus is protectorate secondary to Loryx, home of Ghaarthaan nebulist monarchate in exile, the the Yigite Appropriation of Babulon VI, and the Limbo clades of Terhuman-Ghaarthaan symbionts. [Escher double tetrahedron of houses and dinosaur cliffs as heraldry]; Karn is close enough to the main Glory-Asimov-Jem-Phosphorus route, the Main Vein in starfarer jagon, to benefit from the highest technology and luxuries without very little active traffic. Robot ships warp across the Channel to B.YMIR 9.8, 8.1, Keph, where the Vulcanics maintain some kind of activity. The spheroids they hurtle 10.1 ly at sublight speeds may be weapons, or possibly art; certainly they are cherished for exquisite superconducting radioactive compounds.

Also in the Channel but not of it is WK.ADYA 11.5,9.7 site of the Cenotaph of Rylex planetary sarcosum on forbidden world Nomaaghkra (approximately “No-Ghaarthaan’s Land”). Gh. boilers under Muktian escort deliver admirers, aesthetic sort of lizards, and a rain of senescent Gh. lair fathers grown too scaly and huge to fit in the delicate villas and palaces of the Neotenic regime on fair stenchly Gnaz. Zorg Materialists and their Terhume vehicles spend many years in the Altayree Tranctuary at the binary’s rotational center. [Yoda riding Luke, or Terhume psychopartition?]. Nebular drive traffic to Tan Ru bootstrap world Quarnix, M.SANGUINE 13.3,10.6. All Tan Ru placed in MUSE preserve thanks to the Aethric mirroring of Babulon II.

Tan Ru machtheurgic force at Bw.MUSE 11.1,4.1, marginal world Leng, surrounded by dense nebula on all quarters. Exiled by Babulon II in his Reörintation of Sector Prime. Sublight traffic to Gro.VULPECULAE 13.6, 2.3, marginal world Nix. Tan Ru are denied nebular pseudo-supraluminal drives under Article III of the Primordii Binding of Babulon II.

SGr.AQUILAEA 8.6,9.6, smaller machtheurgical operation has proceded some centuries above Marud, Terhume countercaliphate world, in the Efreeti Nebula. Somehow involving a Vulcanic swarm, dating to the intervention of Babulon II in 4590. Marud is also the source of the megamoeba, court favorite since Rylex Eridano, Babulon III. Sublight traffic to M.MAROON, Cairn and home of a mighty Vent Mother, whence sublight traffic on five ocasions to S.TYPHON and into the Gulf. The Ghaarthaan Thermaesthetised regularly invade Maroon’s kuyper, despite vigilance from the Muktian occupation fleet at YETH.

Ah the Yeth fleet, sing the sad tale of the Yeth fleet. Babulon II resuced Hmop of the *Farseeker at Boötis, entered in joy to Bandur the treasure world, but the Ghaarthaan Pride he aethricked into supervision under the terms of the Binding Primordii (4626, old reckoning). Ghaarthaans matures now dine on the Muktian young, better than dreamsnakes for imaginal visions and intelligent introspection. The Ghaarthaan typically is limited to .4 sophontry on the Lvx scale without the Muktian admixture. The Yeth fleet guarding the now enlightened Ghaarthaan star Yeth are subsidized by the profits of their own larval neurofoam; a Ghaarthaan dungeon delve to seize sluggie sucklings is not to be missed. Most of the fabled Bandur treasure now adorns the palaces of Kesh, Argelia Autreng and the Tertialan Qo, Gishgish (aka Gushing, Gish, and Gish-Gash. “As I was warping to the Terialan Qo, Gishgish--” “You mean Gushing?” “The very same, but shorter…”).

Core worlds. Kreeee’ark, nest of the mighty Qla"aqar since the Fourth Juvenation of Preng, at G.Niven 5.7,2.5, dominates the Gemini marches and its three Terhume planets. Revanchist Freebooters also fly at GoXn.OMICRON and Arvard, the vale of O.LUX in the Altayree cluster…

K.ASIMOV Frond, a delicious jungle world. Freebooter aristos claiming the inheritance of the Moon Marauder predominate Ghoormengastly Hey at M.KRINGLE 6.3,3.2, marginal but highly developed lagrange stations de-phase continuum renderer packickles into applied telepathy for most of Sector Prime.

Cathedral the forrest, M.RADAGAST 6.3,4.8 , tidally locked to a barely jovian world, diurnation to 4.5 standard cycles. The Noon Fire races across treetops, succeeded by ice storms after midnight! Join the Day Hunt.

Sylvanus, M.REVELLE is reckoned a core world despite a 64 gigayear ban on development; tourists dropping trash may be circumbending the ban, as jewel crabs and spideer are building more elaborate mating displays. Distinguished Urlu visitors declare the displays employ patterns of a maths of patarational numbers; Zorg and Terhume pandits rate this a typical squidled hallucination.

Urlu arrive unannounced from across the Gulf and sometimes the Spinward Marchifane. The dwarf URIEL hosts extensive Urlu hatcheries in circumcoronal orbits; similar colonization of BOÖTIS during the Murcian Endemic are the basis for the Magog March industries, and corruscating Splendour Lumines are supervised at JEM-Jemdoha (Gundohar) in the Channel.