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Party for info about the group as a whole, shared equipment, as well as character stables.

Halls of the Fallen for those who have perished.

CharacterTitleXPLevelLocationStatusPlayerLast Active
Bemdath HilferVeteran3,976 / 4,000Fighter 2Haven TownactiveThatOneDrow2020-07-05
Czerno the WeirdSeer4,312 / 5,000Sorcerer 2Haven Townactiveiattackthedarkess2020-07-05
RayTheurge15,897 / 20,000Sorcerer 4Haven Townactivekelb2020-07-05
StagMyrmidon5,041 / 8,000Fighter 3Brack TownactiveMister-Kent2020-07-05
SzorkErrif636 / 1,250Thief 1Haven TownactiveTrusty McGurk2020-07-05
QfwfqFighter1,502 / 2,000Fighter 1Haven Townactiveauthoritative_opinion_bot2020-05-27
AstridEriff / Medium1,224 / 2,250; 0 / 2,400Thief 1 / Sorcerer 1Haven Townactiveiattackthedarkness2020-05-27
GyroVeteran2,507 / 4,000Fighter 2Haven Townactivekelb2020-05-27
Goodman100 /0-levelHaven TownactiveDrewUnit2020-05-13
HartmutEriff143 / 1,250Thief 1Haven TownactiveKingstanII2020-05-13
LemHero9,669 / 16,000Fighter 4Brack Townactivediregrizzlybear2020-05-10
MartelFootpad2,090 / 2,500Thief 2Brack Townactivediregrizzlybear2020-05-02
EvelynEriff1,249 / 1,250Thief 1Brack TownactiveLamina2020-04-26
AuroclesFighter445 / 2,000Fighter 1Brack TownactiveJustCagna2020-04-05
Elrik WormstoneMedium280 / 2,500Sorcerer 1Brack TownactiveTheScowler2020-03-22
KaimFootpad1,461 / 2,500Thief 2Brack Townactivekelb2020-03-22
DoeFighter508 / 2,000Fighter 1Brack TownactiveMister-Kent2020-03-22
Spamicus PythonosFighter33 / 2,000Fighter 1Brack Townactivesmithshire2020-02-02
DontaeEriff217 / 1,250Thief 1Brack TownactiveDr. Dungeon2020-02-02

Also see InactivePCs