Five treasure-seekers ventured up the ridge of Raven Hill looking for a cave. They found a broken watchtower with a new door on the exterior, and a trapdoor within.

Beneath the trapdoor: a spiral staircase that led them deep into the earth over ancient stone steps.

At the bottom they surprised & overcame two strange & troubling small-man-sized creatures, but one escaped to draw reinforcements. The reinforcements were burned & held off with a smashed lamp fueled by extra oil, and the lone survivor interrogated to little success.

Some of the creatures speak the common tongue, but others speak only their only strange gibber.

Pressing forward, the party came upon a much taller, more menacing specimen (apparently called Rikard) which conversed in the common tongue, then threatened them. The party slew another smaller creature on the way out, but Rikard was unharmed.

The party beat a retreat at this point & returned to Haven Town with some combat under their belts & a strange tale to tell.