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Party for info about the group as a whole, shared equipment, as well as character stables.

CharacterXPMoneyLevelLocationStatusPlayerLast Active
Bayar1,816 / 2,50010 sp, 9 cpThief 2Brack TownactiveBlueWolf2019-12-29
Lem6,585 / 8,000310spFighter 3Brack Townactivediregrizzlybear2019-12-29
Martel1,498 / 1,2500Thief 1Brack Townactivediregrizzlybear2019-12-29
Timoteo8,796 / 16,0006617 sp, 1 cpFighter 4Brack TownactiveBlueWolf2019-12-29
Ray13,732 / 20,000657spSorcerer 4Brack Townactivekelb2019-12-29
Doe200 / 2,000500sp, 11cpFighter 1Brack TownactiveMister-Kent2019-11-24
Frodrik200 / 2,5001cpSorcerer 1Brack TownactiveSnowflake2019-11-24
Kaim1,183 / 1,25015spThief 1Brack Townactivekelb2019-11-10
Stag4,789 / 8,00010’184 sp, 11cpFighter 3Brack TownactiveMister-Kent2019-11-10
Terg1,707 / 2,5007 Cp, 10sp, 85gpSorcerer 1Brack TownretiredWizzargh2019-07-10
Oren0 / ???00-level???activelejeune

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