Thief 2 / Mage 1

Strength 10, Intelligence 17 (+1), Wisdom 10, Dexterity 15 (+1), Constitution 16 (+1), Charisma 10.

1945 / 2250, 721 / 2400

HP: 7.

Ward of an Artist. Raised by Necromancers.



Living Gate

The sorcerer must first inscribe a gate sigil on a conscious creature. By casting this spell, the sorcerer (and a number of companions equal to level) may step through the body ofthe ensigiled creature as ifthrough a door. The creature must save or take one die ofdamage per traveller, though this damage will only potentially lead to unconsciousness, not death.


The sorcerer may command the weather, though only in generalities such as summoning powerful winds, occluding the sun with dark storm clouds, or causing a downpour. Invariably any weather modifications will result in threefold retribution as the skies become enraged by mortal interference and reassert dominance in days to come. Stormspeech is most commonly used for speeding ships on placid seas, as the seafaring sorcerer will likely be far away from the cosmic rebalancing when it comes.


A form in stone, such as a statue, is endowed with life, vi- scera, beating hearts, flesh, and so forth. Ifthe stone was once living, that previous existence is permanently restored. Otherwise, when the spell ends the new life will: 1) return to stone 2) dissolve into a mess ofbiological waste 3) be stolen by an incorporeal soul, demon, or spirit for un- predictable purposes.