Bug the  Magic-User, Level 2

Raised by circus performers. Fell down a well and found himself in Wittermixe.
Has messy brown hair and large, wide eyes. These make him look like he's constantly surprised at the world.

HP: 5
AC: 9  
XP: 1771 / 2500 xp


  STR: 7
  INT: 12 (+2)
  WIS: 9
  DEX: 11
  CON: 11
  CHA: 11


  Death Ray or Poison: 13
  Magical Wands: 14
  Paralysis or Turn to Stone: 13
  Dragon Breath:16
  Rods, Staves, or Spells: 15

Languages: Common, Alignment, Gnome, Harpy

Optional Appearance:  Male, Child, Elaborate Attire, Short


   * Backpack
   * Lantern
   * 37 gp
   * bandolier of 5 throwing daggers
   * chalk
   * oil flask
   * 5 supplies
   * 3 vials of herbal-smelling salve, 2 vials of caustic-smelling salve
   * scroll of Sleep, scroll of Hold Portal in scroll tube
   * Old, rusty dagger with leaf-shaped blade. (try cutting the stomach of a dead person with it)

Left in dungeon:

   * Waterskin
   * 3 Flasks oil
   * 1 Week Iron Rations
   * a pound of jerky

L0 Stash:

   * Dagger
   * 1 iron spike

  Level 1: ['Sleep, Alter Self']

Level 0 stash:
  1366gp, 5sp, 2cp, 3ig

Tenative L0 spending list before next delve:
ID scroll of sleep for 100gp
craft scroll of hold portal for 100gp
bolt cutters 1gp
carabiner+descender for everyone 12gp
rope for Cirek 2gp
20 arrows for Cirek 5gp
Plate for Steve 100gp
Chain for Gary 35gp
Chain for Dave 35gp
100ft rope for steve 2gp
longbow for Gary 40gp
20 arrows for Gary 50gp
hammer 3gp
6 iron spikes 1gp
crowbar 5gp
3 sacks 6gp
potion of curing 300gp
merc bonuses 100+50+25*3-5=220gp
14 supplies: 28gp


Cirek Steve
Bug Dave
Marleene Vulman
Erol Gary

Retainer: Raspet (Deceased)