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Being a log of the events in the Werdna World Open Table campaign.


A Party of various sorts of heroic & non-heroic people have been using Haven Town as their base of operations to explore nearby adventuring sites.

First they climbed to the top of Raven Hill and explored delves beneath, finding & fighting creepy man-like creatures who illuminating their halls with dreadful red torches and were led by a tall one named [[Rikard?]]. They slew Rikard, and also fought undead in the halls, but left several avenues unexplored.

Next the party investigated the ruins of Rode Manor, and especially the dungeon beneath the family mausoleum! There they met undead, Beast Folk, and other strange creatures, as well as the magician Amedeo. The magician first employed them in clearing areas of the dungeon, but was eventually revealed to be a sorcerer, stealing children from the town above to sacrifice in some ritual having to do with spiders! The PCs rescued some of the children, and chased Amedeo from his rooms, but the magician escaped.

During their time exploring the Under Mausoleum, the party also explored the Manor above, and discovered that it was not entirely abandoned! [[Brendan_Rode?]], the last of the family, still lives in the place as a sort of hermit. At first he was stand-offish, but eventually befriended the party, and assisted them in the rescue of the children. After that time, Brendan began to welcome orphans into his mansion, where they are helping the old man to refurbish the place, and to keep a guard on the dangerous catacombs beneath.

The party also made a brief foray upriver to the River Temple, where they discovered some sort of cult operating in the supposedly-long-abandoned halls.

Session Reports

Session 1 (2019-02-10) to the watchtower on Raven Hill.

Session 2 (2019-02-17) to the watchtower delve & kill [[Rikard?]] (and take his sword).

Session 3 (2019-02-24) again into the halls beneath the watchtower, this time to the crypts.

Session 4 (2019-03-03) ‘neath the watchtower again!

Session 5 (2019-03-10) Snuck in to Rode Manor

Session 6 (2019-03-16) Snuck in to Rode Manor, then into the mausoleum beneath its grounds

Session 7 (2019-03-21) Down into the mausoleum, where they fought the dead, and did much exploring, and met many denizens (who they spoke to and did not slay).

Session 8 (2019-03-28) Again into the mausoleum to quest for Amedeo, trying to drive out Beasts

Session 9 (2019-04-04) To the Under Mausoleum, to find treasure, but instead met (and vanquished!) hordes of undead.

Session 10 (2019-04-20) To the Under Mausoleum, seeking out a mission from Amedeo, they went to battle against a band of crafty lizardlings, and found a hidden hoard of treasure.

Session 11 (2019-04-28) To the Under Mausoleum, seeking out a mission from Amedeo. They received payment & then attacked a group of dangerous men, and were very nearly overcome. Martel was once again horribly wounded.

Session 12 (2019-05-05) To the Under Mausoleum. Dangerous exploration led to some treasure, but also two petrified retainers.

Session 13 (2019-05-11) Rescue mission into the Under Mausoleum also uncovered some strange happenings in Amedeo’s section.

Session 14 (2019-05-19) Another rescue mission into the Under Mausoleum, this time to grab Doe and find Kort. The mission was a success. The party also killed several of Amedeo’s red-eyed men, then confronted the wizard to find him escaped.

Session 15 (2019-05-26) A party led by Timoteo and Ray descended into the Under Mausoleum.

Session 16 (2019-06-01) Stag, Ray, and Timoteo descended into the Under Mausoleum.

Session 17 (2019-06-08) Lem, Stag, Ray, and Timoteo fought cultists in the Under Mausoleum.

Session 18 (2019-06-20) Cornelius, Doe F1, Lem F3, Gyro 0, Terg S1

Session 19 (2019-06-30) Bayar, Cornelius (rescued), Doe F1, Lem F3, Ray S4, Wulfa 0

Session 20 (2019-07-10) Stag, Terg; Bucky ventured to the River Temple to investigate strange happenings there.

Session 21 (2019-11-10) Kaim, Lem, Bayar, Stag. Travelled successfully to Brack Town.

Session 22 (2019-11-24) Doe, Frodrik, Martel, Ray, Timoteo travelled successfully to Brack Town and discovered Swamp Ruin.

Session #23 (2019-12-29) Timoteo F4, Ray S4, Lem F3; Bayar T2, Martel T1; 8 footmen. Explored the halls beneath the Swamp Ruin.

Session #24 (2020-01-19) Doe F1, Lem F3, Ray S4; Martel T1, Bucky 0, Kaim T1. Explored beneath Swamp Ruin.

Session #25 (2020-01-26) Czerno the Weird, Hartmut, Lem F3, Timoteo F4, Spamicus Pythonos; Bayar

Session #26 (2020-02-02) Czerno the Weird S1, Dontae, Spamicus Pythonos F1, Viari; Astrid

Session #27 (2020-03-19) Viari F1, Ray S4; Gyro, Lurk, Kaim; expedition to Swamp Ruin

Session #28 (2020-03-22) Elrik Wormstone, Ray S4, Doe F1, Viari F1; Lurk 0, Kaim T2

Session #29 (2020-03-28) The party fought an evil spellcaster & discovered the stairs to Level 2!

Session #30 (2020-04-05) The party descended to Level 2 of the Swamp Ruin, made their way through a room of traps, and discovered a black-walled maze.

Session #31 (2020-04-12) The party descended to Level 2 of the Swamp Ruin, and explored the black-walled maze, but could not find a way through.

Session #32 (2020-04-18) The party descended to Level 2 of the Swamp Ruin. They reached the end of the Black Maze, and met a guardian who called himself The Templar. They engaged this figure in combat, but were forced to flee after a fierce fight.

Session #33 (2020-04-26) The party descended to Level 2 of the Swamp Ruin. They fought many a foe in the Black Maze, and a great battle against the Templar and his minions. They killed many, and made it out to tell the tale, having looted one of the gem eyes from the statues in the Great Hall.

Session #34 (2020-05-03) The party descended to Level 2 of the Swamp Ruin. They tried a new door, and eventually found themselves in the lair of some treasure-hoarding beast. As they approached, they were attacked with a spray of acid, which nearly killed two players, and dissuaded them. They fled. Further explorations in the halls beyond the Black Maze netted them some gems, and they also found a stair to lower levels, where they met a great man armed foes, and wisely retreated. They also fought some darkling creatures in the maze.

Session #35 (2020-05-10) The party descended to Level 2 of the Swamp Ruin, and beyond the Black Maze, and further down, to try and destroy the “basement Men”. They killed many, but were forced to retreat, and encountered some powerful magic.

Session #36 (2020-05-13) A party traveled from Brack Town to Haven Town and met up with [[Ornir?|an old acquaintance]] along the way. They avoided an encounter with a figure known as [[The_King?]].

Session #37 (2020-05-20) A party went hunting for [[The_King?]], north-east of Haven Town. They found a ruin & a cave hideout, and returned to Haven Town with valuable intelligence.

Session 38 Results (2020-05-27) A party went a-hunting for [[The_King?]] again. They got lost on the way, in a horrible mist, and were ambushed by a Giant Spider. Lurk the Eriff was killed by poison. The next day they attacked the cave, and killed many men, though they suspect some survived.

Session 39 Results (2020-06-04) A party went a-hunting for [[The_King?]] again. They found the stronghold dark & quiet. They found some corpses, and eventually a blinded man who they transformed into a rat & captured for later interrogation.

Session 41 Results (2020-06-20) A party of four went into the hills looking for [[The_King?]]. They were cursed with bad weather, and encountered some giant leeches that nearly killed Bemdath & Robin. But as they retreated toward town, they met a mysterious stranger who offered them healing in exchange for an unspecified favour to be asked within 2 months…

Session 42 Results (2020-06-28)

Session 43 Result (2020-07-05)

Session 44 Result (2020-07-29)

Session 45 Results (2020-08-16)

Session 46 Results (2020-08-23)

Session 47 Results

Session 48 (2020-09-20)

Week 49 (2020-09-21 - 2020-09-27)

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Week 51 (2020-10-05 - 2020-10-11)

Session 50 (2020-10-11)

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Week 52 (2020-10-12 - 2020-10-18)

Session 51 (2020-10-17)

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Week 53 (2020-10-19 - 2020-10-25)

Session 52 (2020-10-25)

Into the Under Mausoleum.

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Session 53 (2021-03-07)

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Session 54 (2021-03-14)

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