Being a log of the events in the Werdna World Open Table campaign.

Session 1 (2019-02-10) to the watchtower on Raven Hill.

Session 2 (2019-02-17) to the watchtower delve & kill [[Rikard?]] (and take his sword).

Session 3 (2019-02-24) again into the halls beneath the watchtower, this time to the crypts.

Session 4 (2019-03-03) ‘neath the watchtower again!

Session 5 (2019-03-10) Snuck in to Rode Manor

Session 6 (2019-03-16) Snuck in to Rode Manor, then into the mausoleum beneath its grounds

Session 7 (2019-03-21) Down into the mausoleum, where they fought the dead, and did much exploring, and met many denizens (who they spoke to and did not slay).

Session 8 (2019-03-28) Again into the mausoleum to quest for Amedeo, trying to drive out Beasts

Session 9 (2019-04-04) To the Under Mausoleum, to find treasure, but instead met (and vanquished!) hordes of undead.

Session 10 (2019-04-20) To the Under Mausoleum, seeking out a mission from Amedeo, they went to battle against a band of crafty lizardlings, and found a hidden hoard of treasure.

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