Character Creation

Character Creation

  1. The game chat takes place on Discord. First, join the server if you haven’t already!
  2. Use the character generator to get a character! Select & copy the text in your preferred format.
  3. Choose a name for your character, and create a wiki page for them. Just follow the link, replace the date in the “Pagename” field with the name of your new character, and click Edit.
  4. Paste your character (see step 2) into the edit box. Scroll to the bottom of the page, optionally enter a user name, and click Save.
  5. Copy the URL for your new character into the #characters channel on the Discord server and notify everybody that your character exists!
  6. You’re done!

Alternately, once you’re on the server just message @acodispo that you want a character and he’ll hook you up. :)

Once you’ve got a character, you’re ready to join an expedition!

1st-Level Characters

Players with at least one character which has earned 5,000xp or more may create new characters at 1st level of experience (rather than at level 0).

They use the same process as above. In addition to the character’s name, they must choose the following:

See Character Rules for available choices.

Behind the Scenes

Character creation is handled by the character generator script. See the code for details, but basically:

On Backstory

Characters shoud be considered “blank slates” beyond what is written on their character record. That said, they are more like “quantum characters”, and if consensus is reached on a particular point of background or skill between the GM and the player, “back story” or other additional items may be added to the character record.

For instance:

Kathy has been playing Mortimer the Mage for a few sessions. During play she asks the GM whether Mort is a native to the local area or not. The GM has no particular stake in the answer, so asks Kathy to make a decision, relate it to the group, and note it down on Mort's character record. By this means, it becomes established that Mort is from a faraway land. He looks, dresses, and speaks differently from the local folk. From now on this is an established fact about Mort, even though for the first few sessions Kathy didn't play him with this fact in mind.