Character Rules

If you’re curious how PCs are generated, see Character Creation.


100xp is awarded per hit die of monsters permanently defeated or neutralized in the dungeon. This is scaled according to the ratio of dungeon level to average character level.

1xp is awarded per 1sp recovered from the dungeon and brought back to a safe haven.

Experience is awarded for silver spent on Public Spending.

Ability Scores



Prime Requisites:

ScoreXP Bonus/Penalty

Remember: the extremes of the ability score range are truly exceptional. E.g. a Strength of 18 is equal to that of an ogre or a bear: a superhuman level of strength.


Humans are the default bloodline.

Other bloodlines will become available as the game progress.


In the halls of the underworld dwell strange, foul creatures. Some are small & twisted. Others are tall & whip-thin. Some look like old men with enormous pumpkin heads & leering fang-filled mouths.

Sometimes one of these Dwellers Beneath turns away from the dark halls, and climbs out into the sunlight. If they choose the sun as a way of life, they begin to forget the Halls Beneath & their old life. Their features become a little more human, a little less grotesque, though they are still strange & recognizable.

Sunseekers are those (like [[Ornir?]]) who choose to leave behind the Halls Beneath & dwell upon the surface of the land, walking in the sun.


All characters start as level 0 apprentices. Upon surviving their first expedition & returning to a safe haven, your PC gains level 1 and you choose a class.

The only universal modification to character classes from RAW is that any character may use any normal weapon or armour, but they will fight as a 1HD monster unless using armament allowed by class. Use of magical weapons & armour is RAW.


Please refer to Delving Deeper v5 Book 1 for advancement charts and rules.

Thieves are RAW, save that their abilities are as follows (the following description of thief abilities is OGC, see the License):

At levels 1–4 a thief accomplishes all of the above with a throw of 4-6 on a six-sided die; at levels 5–10 he requires a throw of 3–6; and at levels 11–12 he requires a throw of 2–6. Should he fail to disarm a trap it will be sprung with all the usual consequences.

Multi-Class Characters

If a PC has a 16 or higher in the Prime Requisite score of a class, they may become a multi-class character with that class & another class.

XP for these characters is split between the two classes & the highest prime requisite bonus applies.

Character Stable

Once a player has brought a character to 1st level (i.e. survived one expedition), they are eligible to create more characters for their stable.

Players with at least one character (living or dead) which has earned 5,000xp or more may create new characters at 1st level of experience (rather than at level 0).


Under normal conditions, only one character from a player’s stable may join a given expedition (though the player may choose which).

However, under special circumstances the referee may decide to allow a player to choose a primary PC, and then bring 1 or more additional, lower-level PC along as a temporary “retainer”. The retainers will be under “loose” player control, and may be subject to morale checks. Unless they end up replacing the primary during the delve, they will earn only a half share of XP. They will expect at least a half share of gold.

For purposes of whether they will serve as a retainer to another character, count a multi-class character’s highest level in any of their classes as their total level. E.g. a magic-user 1 / fighter 2 will serve as retainer to a level 3 character, but not a level 2 character.

PCs may not go from 0-level to 1st level as a retainer. I.e. a PC must be a primary for one expedition (or part of one expedition, if they replace a fallen PC during an expedition), in order to rise from Apprentice (0-level) to Adventurer (level 1).

0-level retainers may earn XP up to 1 less than the XP required for 2nd-level. After that point, any XP are lost, until they are taken as a primary on an expedition, and reach level 1.

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