Czerno the Weird

Sorcerer Level 2

Strength 8, Intelligence 13, Wisdom 7, Dexterity 7, Constitution 13, Charisma 8.

HP: 10.

Best friend of a Soldier. Raised by Monsters.


A bass thrum shakes the passageway. The smell of brimstone. An acidic tang in the back of your throat. Laughter, echoing, as a memory nearly forgotten. And the nethers spread open before you. Space is vast, but so close that it is already upon you. Black lightning lances through the dark, engulfing all unworthy foes. Hot, freezing, hollow, overwhelming force and emptiness. The darkness.

(physical age currently 34, or +8 years over physical age at campaign start)


As a small child, Czerno fell down the well on their family homestead into an underground river. They were rescued and raised by myconids in a series of luminescent fungi-lit caverns beneath the surface world. Melding with the circle was not possible for a human child, and so the myconids cultivated a mushroom upon Czerno that could secrete the melding spores. This mushroom rooted in the mucus membrane of Czerno’s right eye, and the root system integrated with their brain. While it enabled telepathy with the circle, it would gradually blind the eye (a cataract to this day). Czerno slowly adapted the collective, genderless mindset of their circle, the influence of which is still seen in their speech and perspectives. This was a time of great introspection and unity with the natural world for the child. After several years, Czerno grew into a place of dissonance during melds with the circle. This was due to boredom, wanderlust, and the aggressive and violent human dreams that were unimaginable in the myconid society.

Czerno left the circle (and removed the eye-socket mushroom) as an older child, to seek race-appropriate enlightenment and apotheosis among the surface folk, their own kind. However, Czerno soon encountered a coven of vampire witches that took them in under the guise of hospitality. Now a “changeling” youth, Czerno was left human, but given the task of infiltrating a local town as a duskwalking spy, scout, and agent. They slept in a coffin by day with their vampire mothers, and emerged in the evening and early morning hours to reconnoiter. By night, Czerno learned magic and esoteric secrets. Their blood was also feasted upon (and they were drained of accrued experience levels) in times of hunger and poor feeding for their mothers.

Czerno, in their young adulthood, befriended a sellsword ex-soldier in town who was operating in the capacity of a vampire hunter. This first of human friends helped Czerno to route the vampires and free them from the clutches they had grown to fear and resent. For several years, Czerno retained a small, meager hermitage in the wood near the town. They became known to the local folk as Czerno the Weird. Some townsfolk came to Czerno for advice on esoteric matters, and would barter for magical healing with books of history, philosophy, science, and legends for Czerno’s collection.

Now an adult of uncertain age, Czerno has decisively left their hermitage behind to seek experiences in the wide world spoken of so richly in these books.


 * Slender and long-limbed, with delicate hands
 * Pale, eerie complexion
 * Tall, prominent nose
 * One white eye (right)
 * Long mess of bright orange hair
 * Left-handed
 * Gender neutral, speaks of themselves in the plural




Life Channel

The sorcerer transfers life energy, either youth or vigor, from one person to another by touch. If youth is transferred, the source ages one die worth of years per turn and the recipient regains one year of youth. If vigor is transferred, the source takes one point of damage and the recipient: 1) regains six hit points but is permanently changed somehow by the dark magic 2-5) regains the number rolled worth of hit points 6) regains 1d6+6 hit points.

Trapped Lightning

First a trap, such as a bottle or copper rod, must be prepared with a sigil and then set out under an open sky in a cosmically enticing manner, which will draw the lightning. By speaking the words of the spell, the trapped lightning may be discharged, doing 1d6 damage per sorcerer level to all in the path of the bolt or radius of the discharge. When used as a melee weapon, an undischarged lightning rod will knock back human-sized targets and deal one die of lightning damage if a saving throw is failed.


Every person has two totems, a predator totem and a prey totem, which are connected and should be determined randomly (and recorded for future reference): 1) bat/centipede 2) cat/rat 3) hawk/newt 4) owl/frog 5) serpent/chicken 6) wolf/sheep This spell allows the sorcerer to transform into a predator totem animal or force another into prey totem, though a saving throw applies in that case. People in totem form are marked by the sorcerer’s sigil in an obvious location and equipment does not transform.

Czerno: hawk/newt, Ray: serpent/chicken, Szork: owl/frog, Bemdath: bat/centipede, Astrid: owl/frog, Qfwfq: serpent/chicken

Magical Defense:

Expend a prepared spell to protect one person per level from a magical effect (must be done before damage or saves are rolled).


Expend a prepared spell to deal 2d6 damage (save for half, double-6s explode) to all in a melee, or a single target. Target(s) save for half.