Welcome to the Dungeon of Wittermixe!

This is a play-by-post asynchronous side game while we take Summer Break from the primary, scheduled game.

Super Brief Synopsis

It’s a random generated dungeon with a home base on Level 0. Try to get Level 13!

If you want more background, see the Less Brief Wittermixe Synopsis.


List characters here, with class & level, by marching order rank.

  1. Diyema C1 | Graxa F1
  2. Fleck M-U 1 | Karalaus F1
  3. Solomon Harwood M-U 1
  4. Dogg F1 | Arvi D1




Level 0

The “first” level of The Dungeon of Wittermixe – the arrival point for all newcomers – is known as Level 0.

There are various shops, public houses, barracks & lodging houses,

Here’s what you can do on Level 0: