If, at the scheduled end of a session, the party has not reached a Safe Haven, use the following rules to determine their fate.

  1. Referee sets a Difficulty Class based on relevant factors, e.g. how deep in the dungeon you are, how much opposition between you & safety, etc.
    1. DC can range from Easy 9 to Extremely Difficult 1.
  2. Make a saving throw for each character: d20 + level + DC ≥ 20
  3. Success on the save means you get safely to safety! Otherwise, roll (separately for each character) on the Table of Doom below.

The Table of Doom (much borrowed with thanks from sstabhmontown

1You are slain, your body & gear utterly lost!
2You are slain, but your surviving companions know where your body lies!
3You are slain, but your surviving companions carried your body & gear out!
4Captured! Taken in the dark, who knows where?
5Captured! Taken, but surviving companions know who has you!
6A strange fate... 1 – polymorphed; 2 – charmed; 3 – lycanthropy or mummy rot; 4 – return as undead; 5 – petrified; 6 – an evil madness, turn to Chaos and become a villainous NPC
7Lost... You are wandering in the dungeon or wilderness, possibly to be found next adventure or via solo expedition.
8Naked, shivering, but alive. You escape at the cost of all your gear.