Welcome to the Werdna World Open Table!

I’m acodispo and I run this game.

Briefly, how this works:

Quick Links

Party Roster

Party for info about the group as a whole, shared equipment, as well as character stables.

Halls of the Fallen for those who have perished. Also see InactivePCs.

AstridEriff / MediumThief 1 / Sorcerer 1
Bemdath HilferMyrmidonFighter 3
Czerno the WeirdSpellbinderSorcerer 3
DoeFighterFighter 1
DustGuardianGuardian 1
KalidorFighterFighter 1
QfwfqVeteranFighter 2
RayThaumaturgeSorcerer 5
StagMyrmidonFighter 3
SzorkLanthornThief 4