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CharacterXPLevelLocationStatusPlayerLast Active
Aurocles245 / 2,000Fighter 1Brack TownactiveJustCagna2020-03-28
Bemdath Hilfer245 / 2,000Fighter 1Brack TownactiveThatOneDrow2020-03-28
Czerno the Weird521 / 2,500Sorcerer 1Brack Townactiveiattackthedarkess2020-03-28
Lem6,843 / 8,000Fighter 3Brack Townactivediregrizzlybear2020-03-28
Martel1,633 / 2,500Thief 2Brack Townactivediregrizzlybear2020-03-28
Viari930 / 2,000Fighter 1Brack TownactiveTrusty McGurk2020-03-28
Elrik Wormstone280 / 2,500Sorcerer 1Brack TownactiveTheScowler2020-03-22
Ray14,155 / 20,000Sorcerer 4Brack Townactivekelb2020-03-22
Kaim1,461 / 2,500Thief 2Brack Townactivekelb2020-03-22
Lurk211 / ???0-levelBrack TownactiveTrusty McGurk[[2020-03-20?]]
Doe508 / 2,000Fighter 1Brack TownactiveMister-Kent2020-03-22
Gyro2,070 / 4,000Fighter 2Brack Townactivekelb2020-03-19
Spamicus Pythonos33 / 2,000Fighter 1Brack Townactivesmithshire2020-02-02
Dontae217 / 1,250Thief 1Brack TownactiveDr. Dungeon2020-02-02
Astrid108 / ???0-levelBrack Townactiveiattackthedarkness2020-02-02
Hartmut0 / ???Thief 1Brack TownactiveKingstanII2020-01-26
Timoteo8,796 / 16,000Fighter 4Brack TownactiveBlueWolf2020-01-26
Bucky73 / ?0-levelBrack TownactiveMister-Kent2020-01-19
Bayar1,816 / 2,500Thief 2Brack TownactiveBlueWolf2019-12-29
Frodrik200 / 2,500Sorcerer 1Brack TownactiveSnowflake2019-11-24
Stag4,789 / 8,000Fighter 3Brack TownactiveMister-Kent2019-11-10
Terg1,707 / 2,500Sorcerer 1Brack TownretiredWizzargh2019-07-10
Oren0 / ???0-level???newlejeune
Oscar0 / ???0-level???newBobbyHazard
Pek0 / ???0-level???newVayra

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