House Rules to Consider

> A proposal: to resolve the outcome of a team action, have the most effective and least effective team members both make a check. Interpret two hits as success, one hit as partial success, and two misses as failure, lack of progress, or whatever makes sense for the context in question

weapons & warriors

> weapon features might only apply to fighters, as sort of "fighter magic" stuff so that only they had to worry about the deails, everyone else just uses them like a basic damaging tool

longer weapons get init until shorter weapon has successfully struck


Same for all classes, based on level.

Saving throws are made by rolling d20 + level + modifiers (see table) and scoring 20 or more.

Type Modifier
Spells 0
Breath 1
Stone 2
Wands 3
Death 4

from Target20

Or if you want to go the d6 route instead of Target20:

quote from

Roll Saving Throws with a d6, as Skills. Roll equal or under for a successful Save. Add one point to a Save score of your choice at level-up, up to level 13 (17 for Clerics). The highest score cannot be more than 2 points above the lowest. The starting scores would be:

Paralyze Poison Breath Device Magic Up to level Cleric 2 3 2 3 2 up to 17 Fighter 2 3 2 3 2 up to 13 Magic-User 3 3 2 3 2 up to 13 Specialist 2 2 2 2 2 up to 13

For a cooler, stronger Specialist you may allow a progression up to level 17 (as the Cleric) or at least grant one or two points more at level 1 (player’s choice).

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Hazard System

Necropraxis Productions Hazard System v0.3 (2017)

d6 result
1 setback
2 fatigue
3 expiration
4 locality
5 percept
6 advantage

Used for: