Less Brief Wittermixe Synopsis

Some time ago the Wizard Wittermixe created the Dungeon of Wittermixe, a.k.a. The Deep Delve, a.k.a. The Place Without Reason. No one knows why Wittermixe did it.

From time to time people from the Midworld find themselves drawn into this crazy place. They appear on Level 0, and there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way out. Some set up shop. Some go mad. Some brave the depths below. You’ve recently found yourself in this predicament (whoever you are)!

It is said that you must merely head down the big stairs in the middle of Level 0 to begin your adventuring career.

It is also said that Wittermixe's magic will exact a Toll.

And finally, it is said that something special awaits those who make it to Level 13!

Dare you try to get to the bottom of ... bum bum BAH! ...