The equipment prices are here:

Prices are given for cities & rural areas.

Haven Town uses City prices, while all other areas currently discovered use Rural prices.

You may sell used or looted equipment back to the market for half price.

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Notes & Additional Prices

20 arrows for 5sp.

A basic wooden mask costs 2sp. (Custom design costs 5sp)

A tracking dog can be purchased for 15sp. This includes some very basic training in working with the dog.

A dozen small silver bells on a string for 10sp.

[[Stone_Arm_Research_Group?]] can provide stone limbs (attached, but non-mobile) for 1000sp, and functional prosthetics for 1500sp.

A canary (suitable for detecting poison gas) can be bought in a city for 10sp.

Sling stones take up a slot with the sling & cost no money.

8 empty waterskins take up a single slot.

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