Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications


Marleene the Magician (MU 2)

Female, pretty, elaborate attire, muscular

STR 8, INT 15 (+5), WIS 4

DEX 10, CON 12, CHA 14

HP 8 AC 9 XP: 3662

Poison 13, Wands 14, Paralysis 13, Dragon 16, Spells 15

= Equipment= Languages
One of a pair of twin long daggersCommon
set of 3 throwing knivesAlignment: Law
new rope + grapnelDwarvish
14 iron spikes, 2 ink botelettes, chalkGoblin
hooded lanternOgre
4 oil flasks
12 supplies
2 healing potions
silvery, silken handkerchief, “isenside”
carabiner+figure 8 descender
magical audio book
steel mirror

10 Encumbrance slots. 9 taken up.

Equipment left back home:


Gold: 1,626 gp 20 sp stashed at home 30 gp, 8 sp, 3 cp, 3 ig on tour


Marleene is a rather pretty human woman with long, sand-colored hair she is proud of. Contrary to popular demand for reasonable armor, she as a M-U wears none. Instead, she turns the lack of protection into an opportunity to shine. She is dressed in an elaborately and tightly wound ocher dress that leaves her arms and belly bare to vainly show off her finely toned muscles. Strapped to either hip for style, she wore a matching set of two slender, elegant daggers as long as her lower arms, until she lost one, so now she has one long dagger on her right and three throwing knives on her left hip.

Her low WIS-score makes her a bit difficult and tone-deaf, but she knows a bunch of useful languages.

She secretly wants one thing only: the fabled Lost Book of Quessel the Cross-eyed, told to be hidden somewhere on level six.