News and Rumors

Hear ye, hear ye!

This section is for formal, in-character setting news distributed by criers or broadsheets.

  1. Let it be known that Carlotta Whitemantle seeks examples of ancient art works in all mediums, as well as artifacts of old civilizations, and will pay handsomely for such items. Inquire at the Sign of the Pestle.


This section is for informal rumours floating around town.

Note: These are all hooks of some kind. The content of the rumour may be untrue, but it’s not a dead-end.

  1. Everybody knows Haven Town is built on top of an older town, closer to the rock of the mountains and the streams running under the town. Town Watch members have been seen carrying timbers & other construction material down a narrow staircase in a Poor Quarter alley.
  2. The people of [[Brack_Town?]] are cutthroats, thieves, & madmen/women, and it is said they worship an amphibian god.
  3. In the East there is a lake, created by the ancients to hide their treasures – they dwell beneath its surface still. Look northeast from Raven Hill and you’ll be looking in the right direction. Follow the river to get there.
  4. There are ancient ruins in the Old Great Wood to the southwest, and Mick the Tickler is selling maps that will lead you right to two of them (50sp each or 75sp for the pair)
  5. Just outside of town up the Swift River there’s an old temple, once dedicated to dark gods, but long ago cleared & cleansed. But recently fisherfolk have disappeared in the area, and strange lights have been seen coming from the temple at night.
  6. A bandit king has settled in a cave system further up the river, and is raiding the mountain paths, killing viciously.
  7. The voices of children playing have been heard from the grounds of Rode Manor.

Rumours solved:

  1. 2019-05-26 Children have been reported missing in Haven Town. Weirdly, most of the disappearances have been from the wealthy quarter centred on Rode Street.
  2. 2019-06-08 The kindly young priest Nogrod has gone missing from the Shrine of St. Asetian, and somebody’s sure they saw him go into the mausoleum on the old abandoned Rode Manor grounds here in Haven Town.

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