Treat as RAW magic-user.

The casting system is Wonder & Wickedness. The supplement is much recommended, but purchase is not necessary as the ref will relay all necessary info to sorcerer players.

At first level, the GM will roll for 3 random spells the sorcerer knows & will relay the spells to the player.

Prepare 1 spell per level. Preparation must be done in a Safe Haven.

Magical Defense: Expend a prepared spell to protect one person per level from a magical effect (must be done before damage or saves are rolled).

Maleficence: Expend a prepared spell to deal 2d6 damage (save for half, double-6s explode) to all in a melee, or a single target. Target(s) save for half.

Beware catastrophe on spell-interruption, over-casting, death of sorcerer, wearing armour, etc!

To learn a new spell, roll: d20 + level + Int bonus ≥ 20. If you fail, you may not learn that spell. If you’re being taught the spell by someone, add their Wisdom bonus.