Treat as RAW magic-user.

The casting system is Wonder & Wickedness. The supplement is much recommended, but purchase is not necessary as the ref will relay all necessary info to sorcerer players.

At first level, the GM will roll for 3 random spells the sorcerer knows & will relay the spells to the player.

Prepare 1 spell per level. Preparation must be done in a Safe Haven.

Magical Defense: Expend a prepared spell to protect one person per level from a magical effect (must be done before damage or saves are rolled).

Maleficence: Expend a prepared spell to deal 2d6 damage (save for half, double-6s explode) to all in a melee, or a single target. Target(s) save for half.

Beware catastrophe on spell-interruption, over-casting, death of sorcerer, wearing armour, etc!

To learn a new spell, spend 500sp for materials, and roll: d20 + level + Int bonus ≥ 20. If you fail, you may not learn that spell now or in future.

If you’re being taught the spell by someone from their spellbook, add their Wisdom bonus.

You can also engage in expensive research to increase your changes: add 1 to the roll for each extra 500sp you spend.

For spellbooks found during adventures or capture from an NPC spellcaster, the names of the spells within will not be revealed till the spell is learned.