Tall John

Str 17, Int 12, Wis 8, Dex 7, Con 8, Cha 16. HP 3. Sworn enemy of a hunter. Raised by workers.


Tall John is from (the closest major city), and only his mother is alive; his father had died while hunting from a bear attack. He was born among peasants. He grew up working the land around the outskirts of (closest major city), his talents as a blacksmith being his trade.

He is the youngest, with an older brother and sister. After his 8th birthday, his mother had an affair with Thuulra Caghe, an orcish bodyguard of a noble. At an early age, Tall John was tempted by his stepfather’s mistress, Andarah, while in the midst of investigating why his stepfather was missing so often. He had a short fling with her, though his conscience pushed him to scorn Andarah and frighten her out of any more affairs with his stepfather.

With that conflict, he became the target of a bounty she issued. A hunter, Parvag Rurruk, was the only taker of this bounty, and rigorously stalked Tall John for weeks. An assassination attempt was made; however, Tall John thwarted the conflict and humiliated the hunter in the middle of the commons.

Parvag’s covert efforts have undercut Tall John’s businesses, spreading rumors of the quality of his work. His family has come across hard times, as his stepfather is unable to provide and Tall John himself is out on his luck. Adventure made the call to him, and his reputation as a combatant pushed him to join an adventuring party.