Str 12, Int 11, Wis 16, Dex 5, Con 14, Cha 8. -1 to hit, +1 bonus to surprise, or perhaps to not be surprised XP-1707

HP 6-2 Missing middle three fingers of right hand.

Sworn enemy of an Elite. Raised by Slaves. Terg has the broad shoulders of a laborer due to his background, but he was also raised as a disposable apprentice by a wicked wizard/social elite who exploited Terg and his fellow slaves (maybe at least, I’m not setting backstory in stone yet)

Known Spells: Life Channel The sorcerer transfers life energy, either youth or vigor, from one person to another by touch. If youth is transferred, the source ages one die worth of years per turn and the recipient regains one year of youth. If vigor is transferred, the source takes one point of damage and the recipient: 1) regains six hit points but is permanently changed somehow by the dark magic 2-5) regains the number rolled worth ofhit points 6) regains 1d6+6 hit points.


the scene appears to shatter like a window as the plane of reality appears crack like glass before reasserting itself, but leaving anything harmed by it shattered and cracked

Mirror Road The sorcerer, along with a number of companions equal to level, may step into a mirror and travel within the mirror world, which is a twisted reflection of standard reality, emerging from another mirror (which may be selected by the sorcerer if known beforehand, or is otherwise determined randomly near the desired destination). Each exploration turn of travel within the land of mirrors is equivalent in distance to a day of travel on material roads, though there is a 1 in 6 chance of a random encounter within the mirror world for each such turn of travel. If the journey beyond the mirror persists for longer than one turn per level, there is a 1 in 6 chance cumulative per additional turn that: 1) denizens of the mirror world emerge along with the sorcerer at the destination 2) all mirrors within 100 miles shatter following the emergence ofthe sorcerer and companions 3) all other mirrors nearby become temporary vortexes, absorbing an object or person into the mirror realm 4) the destination mirror becomes a permanent gateway to the mirror world 5) denizens ofthe mirror world emerge from all other mirrors nearby 6) the destination mirror is nowhere near the desired location.

Petition- Query a creature from another dimension. Answers are not guaranteed to be truthful, and entities will usually attempt to further their own interests. If a particular true name is known, it may be intoned during the casting of this spell, and the named creature will answer.


2 Torches
7 Cp, 10sp, 85gp
50' rope

Inn Room- 10 barrels Pretty Good Condition Bedding (at home) Egg-sack inna barrel 3 inventory slots)