Fighter 1, XP 350/2000

Strength 13 (+5% XP), Intelligence 12 (4 languages known), Wisdom 5 (-1), Dexterity 10, Constitution 10, Charisma 14 (+1 Loyalty/Reaction Adjustment).

HP: 6 (HD 1+2) SV: Poison 12, Wands/Rays 13, Paralysis/Petrification 14, Breath Weapon 15, Spells 16

Indebted to a Merchant. Raised by Hunters.

Wulfa of the Hills would be his name. Living a life of poverty due to his lifelong debts to a chandler merchant whose wares got burnt after Wulfa’s horrible absent-mindedness as apprentice caused the merchant’s warehouse to turn to cinders. Half-hunted, half-forced by his lack of funds, he retired to the rugged hills where he is eking out a squalid life of mere survival as he attempts to repay his debt. Disgruntled and despairing, he decided to seek an adventuring life where risk and death walk hand in hand, but many riches can be found. His family’s rustic background serves him well in this time of need.