Public Spending

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> **Prime Requisite bonus applies to Public Spending XP.**

Public Spending Log

House Rule (see Rules for general list)

Experience points may be earned by engaging in public spending.

The key requirement is that members of the community (outside the party) are able to view or otherwise concretely know about these projects. This increases the standing of the PC.

Allowances are made for context. For instance, a thief building a secret hideout may certainly earn XP, but only if other thieves within the community know about it and can make use of it is some fashion. I.e. a secret hideout utilized by the PC’s burgeoning thieves’ guild would earn XP. A truly secret hideout known about only by the PC & members of the party would not earn XP.

The following projects earn 1xp per 2sp spent:

The following projects earn 1xp per 1sp spent:

Prime Requisite bonus applies to Public Spending XP.

Public spending should be declared in the #characters channel, and will be subject to referee’s approval. Requests for additional projects to be added to the above lists should be made there as well.

General guideline: if the spending PC, or another member of the party, benefits in some way from the expenditure, they earn only half XP. If they or another PC does not benefit, they gain full XP.


Given the somewhat abstract nature of time-tracking between sessions at this open table, a straight-forward upkeep rule didn’t seem appropriate. Also, advancement in an online (rather than IRL) game seemed to want a bit of a kick.

The above rule double-dips on XP-for-treasure, gives PCs a good use for all the silver they’ve been stealing from the Delves, and also ties them in with the social structure of the setting.