From pyromaniacs with every type of bomb, to wise herb healers who have a potion for everything; the Artificer is the most versatile support. This is the class to pick if you want to be able to tackle any problem, and solve them with creative solutions as a result of preparation.

Artificer Progression
1st 1d6106Spellbomb 1----
2nd 2d6-1117Artificer’s Tools, Improvised Tools, Gadgetry 2----
3rd 2d611821---
4th 2d6+1119Apothecary 22---
5th 3d6-11210331--
6th 3d61211432--
7th 3d6+11212Apothecary II 4431-
8th 4d6-113134432-
9th 4d6131444431

Artificer tools You carry with you some kind of box or belt that contains all sorts of strange and esoteric instruments and ingredients that only you know how to use. You begin play with Artificer tools, which is a heavy item. Your tools contain 5 uses. Uses can be replenished at any town that sells wood, iron and wax or equivalents. The cost of replacing each use is equivalent to the cost of an comfortable meal in that town. Improvised tools Whenever a gadget (see below) that you’ve produced is subject to even a modest amount of strain or abuse, there is a 1-in-6 to 5-in-6 chance (GM’s discretion) that it will be permanently damaged or destroyed.

Gadgetry Spend 10 minutes and 1 use of artificer tools to produce a gadget. A gadget is a mechanical contraption that can serve as a replacement for any single piece of adventuring equipment, including but not limited to: lanterns, pincers, tongs, picks, shovels, vials, chalk, mirrors, and so on. Spending 2 uses of artificer tools allows you to create a gadget that can simulate modern-day heavy machinery like bolt cutters, butane torches, telescopes or seismic monitors.

Spellbomb You are able to “store” spells in the forms of potions. You must prepare these concoctions at the beginning of the day, much like a wizard prepares their spells. Drinking the potion (a Very Slow action) allows you the cast the spell in the next speed phase, or causes you to become immediately affected by the spell if it is a beneficial spell to the self. In addition, these potions can be held and drank by anyone. After a day, they go stale, and lose their power. You cannot cast spells any other way.

AoE spells can be “thrown” as a light item (Normal action), with the point of impact serving as the initial point of the area of effect. Teleport spells can be dropped (Fast action) and work the same way as AoE spells if they have an area of effect.

Apothecary You are able to create marvelous concoctions that rival the powers of the gods. By spending a spell slot, you can create a Concoction instead of a spellbomb. When drank, the concoction confers one of the benefits below on the drinker, where X is the spell slot spent.

Apothecary II Your concoctions confer two of the benefits outlined above. They cannot be the same benefit.