What the Berserker absorbs in damage, the Fighter dishes out. With 2 extra attacks, and 9 potential more from Mighty Cleave a level 9 fighter can attack 11 times in one turn without a Fighter Feat (Which are over half of his other abilities). If you enjoy being a whirlwind of bladed death, The Fighter can fill that role best.

Fighter Progression
1st 1d8115Fighter Feat, Parry
2nd 2d8-1126Cleave
3rd 2d8127Fighter Feat
4th 2d8+1138Combat Reflexes
5th 3d8-1149Fighter Feat
6th 3d81410Extra Attack
7th 3d8+11511Fighter Feat
8th 4d8-11612Mighty Cleave
9th 4d81613Fighter Feat, Extra Attack II

Parry You have +1 Parry.

Cleave When dropping a creature to 0 HP or lower, immediately make another attack against an adjacent creature in the same speed phase, once per round. This can be done for both melee and ranged attacks. This cannot be done as a result of an attack of opportunity.

Mighty Cleave As cleave, but can be used an amount of times per round equal to your Fighter level.

Combat Reflexes Any action (except for weapon attacks) that would otherwise be Very Slow (aiming, reloading a crossbow, drinking a potion) is Slow for you instead.

Extra Attack You can make an extra attack after your first one, at the next speed phase. In the case of a ranged weapon with a Rof 2+, just treat it as having +1 Rof. Extra Attack II You can make yet another attack after your second attack, at the next speed phase.

Fighter Feat Choose one of the feats below every time you get this feature.

Great Weapon Mastery II Roll damage twice and take the best result. Requires Great Weapon Mastery.