No other class can do as much harm to their enemies as The Sorcerer can. Not only is she armed with devastating spells that one shot encounters, but she can cast them far more often than any other class. If you want to rain magic death from afar no class does it better than the Sorcerer.

Sorcerer Progression
1st 1d6106Magical Warrior, Sorcerous 3-----
2nd 2d6-1117Intuitive Casting 42----
3rd 2d611863----
4th 2d6+1119642---
5th 3d6-11210Spell Parry 653---
6th 3d612116632--
7th 3d6+112126643--
8th 4d6-1131366532-
9th 4d61314Dual Cast 665322

Sorcerous You can memorize a number of spells per day equal to 1+ your level+Int.

Intuitive casting Your spells are cast during the Slow, as opposed to the Very Slow phase.

Magical Warrior You start with knowledge of either the bolt or magical missile spell and are allowed to cast it an additional times per day equal to your level. Either spell cast this way is cast as if you were a caster 1/3rd of your level, round down.

Spell parry At any point during your turn, if you haven’t acted yet, you can give up your action to cast counterspell as a Very Fast action.

Dual Cast You can cast a second spell during the Very Slow phase.