Cutthroat Inn Hooks

The Missing Tricksters
Kogmeni Goldtooth, an obviously nervous clerk from the Litigation Trickster’s Guild, is looking for someone who will investigate and stop the abduction of tricksters that seems to be occurring with some regularity on Shady Street. He is willing to offer up 700gp for proof this task has been completed. The more usual patients inform anyone who has heard his offer that rumor is that some obscene cult has a secret temple on Shady Street, and that more than tricksters go missing.

The Goblin Basement
Long Vran is the owner of the Cutthroat Tavern but is rarely seen inside except to collect money from the lockbox and to straighten out unruly customers. Tonight he sits among the assembled rogues and complains of goblins in his store rooms. What they’re doing outside their reservation after nightfall, he knows not, but he doesn’t like it. He promises a fine debauch for any man willing to slay the goblins and find out their intentions. He adds that such a debauch will be aided by sumptuous powders purchased from distant Karak and the finest houris Naughty Nannies can offer.

The Spider Temple
A pair of drunken [[Skandiks?]] in the inn are complaining about an offer they received from a heirophant of the Spider-God. They claim he is hiring fighters and bravos for a task, but that it is so chilling that no man would take him up on his offer. The heirophant, they assert, wants someone to go to an ancient temple in the [[Dearthwood?]] where lives a half-spawned abomination of their god and slay it.

The Sunken Spire
A legend overheard in the Cutthroat Inn
In time out of Time when the sandled kings of [[Orichalca?]] sat upon their rubied thrones and the brother-races of the [[Altanians?]] and [[Alryans?]] had yet to leave each other, no city was greater in all the world than [[Modron?]]. Its purple-sailed vessels plied the waters of the world from the [[Demon_Kingdoms?]] to [[Klush?]] and [[Wulin?]] beyond. Many were its treasures and great its science and greater still its water-goddess, [[Modron?]].
But time fades all things and [[Glaukos_the_Impious?]], a pirate from [[Kelnore?]], came with reavers and sacked the city and stole off with its jewels and idols. Thus was [[Modron?]] destroyed, for a time, and its treasures lost, hidden in a pirate’s keep.
Many legends tell of the doom of [[Glaukos?]], for he did not long outlive the dead city. The goddess [[Modron?]], abandoning the ruins of her home, followed him across the [[Winedark_Sea?]]. It waited long beneath the waves for him to become besotted and over-happy with his deeds, for a goddess can wait forever. When, at last, [[Glaukos?]] set up for himself a keep on an island off the [[Roglaras?]], the goddess struck, drowning the keep and all its lucre…
Until now! Sailors of the [[Overlord?]] say that where once there was no island now a great spire rises out of the ocean, barnacle-wracked and blasted. No one has yet braved entering the strange holes in the side, and those who have sailed close to it at night speak of ghost lights flitting about from within…

The Ghose of the Lake
A legend overheard in the street between the Cutthroat Inn and the Werelord Tavern
An obviously drunken Altanian, singing in his barbarian accent, stumbles through Slash Street. Those who go outside the Cutthroat Tavern can hear him chant

Three nights awake
In Oracle Lake
The Lady cries for Help
Four nights she sleeps
And doesn’t weep
Her soul’s gone down a well

Those about him make signs to Mitra or Hamarkhis to ward away the spirits of the dead, knowing he sings of an apparition just north of the City State.

The Cool Noble
On the 10th day of the Howling Winds, the party encountered Varius, an Alryan Noble who wanted them to steal an item from the house of Xanatheria Lily-Limb.

The Doom Metal Pyramid
Near the [[Adderwood?]] (hex 2918) there is a mysterious doom metal pyramid (b/c its black).

Mystery of the Manipulated Mules
Skamos determined that the mule the purchased for the wagon from the wailing street vendor has been placed under a charm spell by an unknown party. While discussing this in the Cutthroat Inn, a passing Alryan noted that he heard from a friend who knows a guy that the Overlord himself is seeking the aid of ghost chaser in an alley near Wailing Street to rid his stables of phantasms.

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