Cutthroat Inn Sessions 1-2


An assembled group of adventurers at the ppCutthroat Inn]], including the wizard [[Xendaya_Izmitchi?]], the thief Khurshid the Contrarian, Annapurna of the jungle, a monk known only as The Pact is Sealed, and the wood elf Sweetleaf were hired to escort Salassim the Magician to an unnamed local in the [[Cloudwall_Mountains?]]. Leaving at dawn in one of the last days of the month of the Sky Woman, the party was accosted on [[Dead_Broke_Street?]] by a [[Sinister_Man?]] in black leather armor. He demanded that he be allowed to inspect their clothes but balked when they began to disrobe. Since they had “made things weird” he dismissed them and slunk back into the shadows.

The party made its way uneventfully to Caravan Crossing, where they rested for the night. Salassim separated himself from his guard, and after he had done so they were approached by a number of “[[Mindfreaks?]].” These asked them questions about the wizard and their goal. The Pact is Sealed, being a conjurer of cheap tricks, provided them with a potion he stated would be able to release a demon from its binding, apparently unaware at the obvious hints the strangers gave as to their unearthly nature.

They traveled quickly through a town near the [[Estuary_of_the_Roglaroon?]] before resting on a hill near the [[Old_South_Road?]] for the night. They were then attacked by a strange demon whose aspect resembled an insect, a corpse, and a vulture. After some fighting they killed the creature, but its having interrupted their sleep they were unable to gain the benefit of any rest.

The next night they stayed in a manor in the village of Luckstone, and were again attacked by a similar demon. This they slew, and – since it had attacked early in the evening – they were able to rest and regain some of their spent strength.

Monsters Defeated: 2 “Mind Freaks(?),” a bunch of fire snakes

Treasure Gained: Magic lamp, 4 rose quartz (50gp each)

XP Per Player: 315

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