Fumbling Four Session 4

Two adventurers from [[Lightelf?]], [[Velor?]] Silent-Stream and Burgell the Gnome, had made their way to the City State in order to seek the aid of other bravos and sorcerers. They knew that an evil wizard and a band of goblins was searching through the ruins of an old gnome warren that had been sealed by the [[first_king_of_Lightelf?]] after he had gone mad from plague. A bounty hunter in Lightelf was offering 300gp for the wizard’s head, and so the pair thought they could do the world a good and make a fair bit of coin if they had help from allies.

In the City State they met up with Namira and Tancred and thus did the two become the Fumbling Four again. On the fifth day of the month of the Snow Leopard the four set out along the Old South Road, resting a night at Caravan Crossing, before making their way along the southern bank of the [[Estuary_of_the_Roglaroon?]]. On the second night they camped near a bend in the estuary which had a small island in it. This island was about a mile out but even in the light of dusk the human in the party could make out a set of elven ruins and a high, gothic arch no longer attached to any buildings.

That night, when the four was done hunting for food, Tancred observed a fire in the center of the arch. Waking his companions, they elected to wait and see. Shortly two large iron cauldrons came down from the stars and joined the fire near the arch. The fire began to change through a rainbow of colors, as the magically inclined among the party noted this was likely some sort of Witch’s Sabbath. Despite Tancred’s desire to slay the potential witches, the party decided it was best to leave well enough alone and continued sleeping.

Over the next few days they made their way to a ford in the [[River_Hargost?]]. Burgell, who was scouting ahead, noticed that a large number of men were hidden in trees, with crossbows aimed at anyone trying to cross the ford. Casting sleep caused a number of these men to fall from their perches but also alerted a great number of men he had not noticed on ground level. Realizing there were about 20 men on the far bank, and that they were a band of notorious [[Hargost_pirates?]], Burgell fled to inform the party.

A great debate ensued. Tancred and Velor wanted to attack the pirates, hoping to bait them into trying to cross the river, but Namira and Burgell thought they were too outnumbered. The debated ended with Burgell remembering another crossing, more difficult to get to as it lied in a forested region, but only a short distance from where they were. That night they camped in the forest and the next day, at sundown, they had made it to [[Ashenshaft?]].

Ashenshaft was familiar to Burgell and Velor, but Namira and Tancred noticed some strange things about it. The bulk of the population were half-elves and elves, with a few gnomes and an armed contingent of men. These men, almost all [[Alryans?]], had been sent by the Overlord to hunt the local pirates, but their chaotic and evil ways were grating to the native half-elves. The four informed some human guards that their were pirates at a nearby crossing, and the guards organized a posse – headed by the town chief – and left soon after.

The party decided to push on into the dusk to find the ruined warren and they did so in the hills north of the town. A group of four goblins was watching the entrance, and the party decided the best course of action was a direct attack. They stormed down, catching the goblins by surprised, and used rocks as cover to move up on them quickly without incurring ranged attacks. The goblins were slain, but the party realized it was too dark to explore more – and the goblins in the warren would have an advantage – so they returned to Ashenshaft to spend some weeks planning their next move.

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