Fumbling Four Session 5


Journal of Burgell! That’s me!!! 8th Day of the Howling Winds, Fireday

Upkeep and back to the [[Dungeon_of_the_Mad_King?]]!

Rumors in the bar: Human merchants to supply local garrison, but pirates are hassling, though there are Purple Claw orcs on the other side so everyone is kind of boned. Dang!

[[White_Wyvern_Inn?]] is where we at! Time to get up! People jeering and saying rude things to dead half-elf body being chewed on. Turns out the fucker deserved it for provocatin’-like! We moved on back to cave o’goblins.

War dog heads on spikes! Neat! On to the burrow now, no time for dead pet decorations! Adventure!

Everyone but me has to bend down to get in here! Ha! Losers. We checked a door and fiddled around with it when suddenly ahhhh! A ghost! A gnome ghost!!!

!!Fight it Out!!

Magic missile to a nerd ghost’s face! He didn’t like that so he attacked me and Tancred cut it it in fucking half with the power moon-y sword thing!*

We won!

Tancred breaks a door! Never mind it was fake.

Listened the other door and there are other me-sized things listening right back! Neat! We open the door and it’s goblins!!! I make them all nap and Tancred makes them nap more!

No?! Fight it out!! Because Fuck Them!!

They have 40 silver pieces, which we take, and useless equipment which we DON’T!

Now another door! Smells like old dead! Oh it’s just a butcher room. Gnawed Gnome Gnbones! Another door!

We heard weird noises on the other side and opened the door. There is an insect that eats dead things and we all must behind!

!!Fight It Out!!

Aside from a tiny bit of damage on Tancred, we cleaned house!

It was guarding a bunch of bones and a chest which had 25 plat, 500 electrum, and a sea-green vial of liquid. Cool!

Found a room full of useless rusty weapons! Tancred took them, which is cooool I guess?

More bones room! and barricaded! Bones with armor ‘n stuff. Door that has soft wailing behind it! Tancred just opens it and there’s another ghost gnome! It’s Zarun Longbeard! The king that locked everybody in b/c sickness and was madness!

Fight it out!

We got hurt and I fell down! But we defeated the King! The king’s body held a magic sword, a magic crown, and a non-magic signet ring. Namira healed me so we are okay! We went back to town and chilled for two days.

Making our way back to the cave we encountered Purple Claw orcs.

!!Fight it Out!!

3 ran away! We killed 5 of them! There is a cave. A troll’s cave? Tancred dug things up! 4000p worth of stuff, preternatural overlord coat, high quality spear, glowing gemstone times.

([[Velor?]] Silent-Stream was also present)

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