Past Adventures

The Pylon
The first adventure undertaken by patrons of the Cutthroat Inn. They escorted Salassim the Magician to a strange shrine in the [[Cloudwall_Mountains?]]. Inside he entered a portal and then entered a lamp which is now in the possession of Annapurna. On the way they were assailed by Mind Freaks that they believed to be minions of the Sorceress.

The Stone Temple
The Rainbow Warriors helped Kogmeni Goldtooth solve the mystery of the missing tricksters. It turns out they were being abducted by a weird cult to Partressa, goddess of deepwater fish. The Warriors decided to seize their abandoned temple to serve as a base.

The Halls of the Black Spider
The Rainbow Warriors where hired to slay [[The_Son_of_the_Spider_God?]] by the Heirophant of the Spider God in order that the god’s indiscretions might be erased. After many trips into the Dearthwood to its lair, they were finally able to corner and kill it.

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