Tanglebones Tavern Hooks

The Assassin’s Skull
The Female Assassin seeks private contractors to recover an item stolen from them by a Priest of Pagana. The item, The Skull Bassam, is a gilded skull with ruby eyes. The priest has secreted it away in what is believed to be a family crypt. Rumor has it that this crypt has long been guarded by strange beasts summoned from whatever world the Gods of Pegana hail from. The guild offers a 500gp bounty on the item and insists it does not act itself due to the strange legalities of the City State.

The Palace of the Toad Cult
The Priest of Tsathoggus, the Frog God, was recently attacked during his meditation in the Mermist Swamp. He believes the assailants are from the heretical sect of the Toad, which squat, he says, within a black pyramid from the days of Orichalca. He offers a blessing to anyone who will enter the pyramid and slay the “degenerate sister-fuckers.”

The Aerie of the Snake-Maker
A captain of the Invincible Overlord’s Light Cavalry, tasked with patrolling [[the_Dearthwood?]], has made it known that many of his patrols have been assailed by strange, snake-like creatures of unknown origin. His men are now too sick with the creatures’ venom to keep the paths in the forest safe from orcs. He promises an unspecified reward if the home of these creatures can be found and destroyed.

The Dungeon of the Mad King
A mysterious wizard has been rooting around some old gnomish ruins with a gang of goblins. The ruins were sealed by the first king of [[Lightelf?]] after he had been driven mad by a plague. He believed his sickness was caused by those inside, and covered the entrance to their warren with great stones. The wizard apparently seeks some item inside. A bounty hunter in Lightelf has also offered a 300gp bounty on the wizard’s head, but seems wary about going into the warren himself

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