Ideas - Ammeni

Ammeni is not, properly speaking, a nation; it is a cartel. It does not have citizens or nationals; even the individual Houses do not – they only have members.

A member of a House is an interesting character because he or she might be steeped in cruelty, but still be a human being. How does that work? Is there a tension?

The lower rungs of the House organizations have less and less stake in the endeavor that is Ammeni, thus making them more and more likely to have their own interests outside the House life. Or the middle-management might just be hungry and ambitious, ready to impress their masters by being even more ruthless than the next guy.

Women of the Houses are usually very equal with the men, and twice as poisonous. The contrast is stark, as women in general are treated as property by the House scions.

The Ammeni relationship with their slaves is an interesting topic, as it can range from pure victimization for gratification to uncaring practicality to a sort of internalized, natural partnership predicated on unequal rights. Pay attention to this, and you will see the Ammeni society in many different lights.