Ideas - Maldor

The diminishing middle class of imperial Maldor is represented today by courtiers and craftsmen. When the common people are concerned only with survival and the Lords only with war, the cultural heritage of the land and the world is in their hands.

Freedom is at a premium in the lawless Maldor. Even the nobility is constrained in their lives by the expectations of their peers and vassals, and by the necessities of war. The game is played for the highest stakes of all, but it is far from certain whether participating in it is worth the sacrifice, morally right or even humane. Getting out might cost even more, however, because your family is just as committed as you are.

Maldorian peasants as player characters seem to usually be either vagrants, rebels or not peasants for long; the social framework of Maldor is such that it doesn’t make for much of a drama to accept this lot in life. If the player character doesn’t want to leave and doesn’t want to change the system, the Story Guide does well to proffer him a chance at social betterment through the court or battlefield.

Rebellions discontent with the rule of particular Lords mingle freely with proper revolutions that strive to start new societies afresh. Reformation towards the society of the old Empire is far from unknown as well in the central areas that still remember. I don’t hesitate to mix modernistic, utopian and high philosophical ideas into the social movements that roll through the Maldorian countryside. There is no one revolution, but many.