Keys - Universal

For the people of Near, adventure means refusing social ties; most societies frown upon this, but not all. Some have approved roles for people eager for adventure.
1xp: Go on or continue an adventure when you could back down.
2xp: Get into danger.
5xp: Do the impossible.
Buyoff: Settle down.
The character enjoys defeating others in combat. This Key is considered a virtue in almost all cultures of Near, but only when practiced in the correct ways by the right people.
1xp: Attack somebody.
3xp: Win a fight.
Buyoff: Be defeated in battle.
The character struggles to do right by others. Foolish sympathy is not rated very highly by most cultures of Near, but it exists in all. The emblematic scene that separates the hero from the villain comes when the former’s compassion gets abused by the latter.
1xp: Help those in need.
2xp: Save another’s life.
5xp: Get taken advantage of.
Buyoff: Ignore the cries of the innocent.
The character frightens easily and can’t or won’t control it in public. The Key is the same whether prudence is accepted of the character socially or not.
1xp: Show your fear to others.
3xp: Back down from a confrontation.
Buyoff: Risk yourself voluntarily.
The character is crippled or has some such permanent injury. Old age, blindness and lameness are fine examples.
1xp: Get pitied or scorned for your condition.
2xp: Suffer difficulties due to the condition.
5xp: Succeed despite your condition.
Buyoff: Get healed of your infirmity.
The character has given up hope. Broken souls are not at all rare in Near of today. Some of them may never heal.
1xp: Try to convince others to give up.
3xp: Give up on something important.
Buyoff: Cast aside your despair.
Faith (specify)
The character has a belief system that guides him. Not all cultures have churches, but most have religions of some sort.
1xp: The faith comes up.
2xp: Enact the faith in action.
5xp: Suffer for your faith.
Buyoff: Abandon and deny your faith.
The character belongs in a fraternity of unlikely allies questing for a common goal. Such a bond can be the strongest of them all.
1xp: Discuss the course of the fellowship with the other members.
2xp: Cooperate with the fellowship to achieve your goals.
5xp: Side with the fellowship against your own best interests.
Buyoff: Leave the fellowship.
Glittering Gold
Avarice runs in his veins. As with most character traits, a majority of societies considers a modicum in this regard a virtue, with a minority favoring extremes to either direction.
1xp: Gain material wealth.
3xp: Gain wealth at the expense of others.
Buyoff: Give away your wealth.
The character hungers for renown. This is typical for heroes who don’t want to be seen as just a face in the crowd.
1xp: Make sure your name and deeds are known by bragging or seeking witnesses.
3xp: Take foolish risks to increase or enjoy your fame.
Buyoff: Give the credit that would have increased your glory to someone else.
The character lives in and for lies. Perhaps he is proud of his ability to introduce and control illusions into the lives of people he uses as tools.
1xp: Pass yourself off as something you’re not.
2xp: Lie to yourself or your friends.
5xp: Your lie survives a concerned effort to debunk it.
Buyoff: Confess to your victims.
Mission (specify)
The character has an important mission that they must complete. Unlike the KEY OF THE VOW, this Key concerns a clear task with a finite end-point.
1xp: Try to forward your mission.
2xp: Succeed towards your mission.
5xp: Reach an important waypoint.
Buyoff: Abandon the mission.
Outcast (specify)
The character has lost fellowship in a group or organization, becoming an utcast. This has not necessarily lessened the hold the organization’s values have on the character.
1xp: Your status as outcast comes up.
2xp: Interact with the organization.
5xp: Work against the organization.
Buyoff: Rejoin the organization.
The character has a dark, significant past.
1xp: Your past comes up.
3xp: Your past influences a decision.
Buyoff: Make a different choice this time.
The character hungers for control, perhaps because he’s had so little of it.
1xp: Struggle for influence.
3xp: Improve your social position.
Buyoff: Relinquish your position.
Relation (specify)
The character has an important relationship to another. Familial relationships are the simplest, but fraternity is also universal. Sometimes other relationships develop as well.
1xp: Interact with your relation.
2xp: Follow the other’s advice.
5xp: Defend your relation from danger.
Buyoff: Sever the relationship.
Servant (specify)
The character serves another due to fealty, money, force or other concerns. There are some cultures in Near that do not recognize servitude, but most do.
1xp: Obey the master.
2xp: Suffer in service.
5xp: Save the master in some manner.
Buyoff: Leave service.
The character belongs in a disenfranchised population, born (or at least adopted) to suffering.
1xp: Fail in your efforts.
2xp: Be abused by others.
5xp: Fate casts you down.
Buyoff: Succeed beyond your expectations.
Vengeance (specify)
The character thirsts for vengeance against a person or group that wronged them.
1xp: Express your hate and intent for vengeance.
3xp: Attack your target in word or deed.
Buyoff: Let your enemy go when they are at your mercy.
Vow (specify)
The character has sworn an oath he intended to keep to his dying day. Unlike the KEY OF THE MISSION, this Key would concern an on-going, static commitment.
1xp: The vow comes up during play.
2xp: The vow causes significant difficulty for you.
5xp: Another character tries and fails to make you break the vow.
Buyoff: Break your vow.


Keys - Near

Key of Yesterday
The character’s identity is somehow tied to the past; perhaps he feels beholden to his ancestors, or yearns for the lost antiquity.
1xp: The past is discussed.
2xp: New facts are established about the history of the setting.
5xp: The character chooses to serve what he perceives as the history on an issue.
Buyoff: Refute the ways of the past on an issue to go with a new solution.


Keys - Maldor

Key of Manipulation
The character is situated to influence a ruler’s politics while himself staying in the shadows.
1xp: Advise your ruler.
2xp: Act against your ruler’s interests.
5xp: Force your ruler to follow your will.
Buyoff: Accept the mantle of power for yourself.
Key of Nobility
The character considers himself one of the privileged in Maldor, justified in his rule by his nobility.
1xp: Your status comes up.
2xp: You get the respect you deserve.
5xp: Prove yourself better than commoners.
Buyoff: Humble yourself in front of commoners.
Key of Revolution
Maldor is wracked by social unrest as unjust governments struggle to hold onto power against ideas old and new.
1xp: Speak against the ruler.
2xp: Act against the government.
5xp: The government reacts to you in fear and concern.
Buyoff: Accept a favor from the government.

Sun & Moon

Keys - Sun & Moon

Key Imperial
The character declares that he is Absolon Reborn. In practice this requires a sovereign position as a Lord in his own right. 1xp: Use imperial regalia in public. 2xp: Use imperial power to grant privileges or set decrees. 5xp: Crush another character claiming sovereignty. Buyoff: Acknowledge another person as sovereign.
Key of Sun Worship
The character believes that the natural forces are ultimately in harmony with human aims, and that the human society reflects celestial order.
1xp: Refuse to act against your station or purpose in society.
2xp: When the weather or other natural forces support your, or somebody else’s, aims.
5xp: When your faith is rewarded.
Buyoff: Engage in unnatural practices.
Key of the Moon
The character worships the Moon as the Queen of Shadow, harbinger of change and protector of the world from the destructive power of the Sun.
1xp: Refute the rule of man.
2xp: Celebrate the human body.
5xp: Kill in the name of the Moon.
Buyoff: Pay obeisance to a man or the Sun.
Key of Civil Service
The character believes in the rule of law and meritocratic advancement, a philosophy largely on the wane in modern, feudal Maldor.
1xp: Act to fulfill your office.
2xp: Resist others to fulfill your office.
5xp: Break the law to fulfill the intent of your office, or uphold the law to break the intent.
Buyoff: Relinquish your office.
Key of Not Caring
The character does not care of the religious schism so prevalent in Maldorian lands.
1xp: Trump a religious issue with something more important in conversation.
2xp: Refuse to take sides in the conflict.
5xp: Find a sensible solution to the people’s problems.
Buyoff: Take sides in the conflict.


Keys - Warcraft

Key of Martial Honor
The character values camaraderie and virtues of his military fellows and enemies alike.
1xp: Act honorably.
3xp: Scorn a civilian viewpoint or value.
Buyoff: Compromise your honor.
Key of Martial Savagery
The character is a hardened killer whose values have adapted to the environment. Were I the Story Guide, I’d keep an eye on this one: players who don’t reflect on their characters’ actions can’t handle Keys that reward monstrous behavior.
1xp: Act brutally towards another.
2xp: Attack another.
5xp: Kill for no good reason.
Buyoff: Stay your hand.
Key of Martial Obedience
The character considers discipline the only thing that makes war possible or worthwhile.
1xp: Receive or give orders.
3xp: Obey orders in a crisis situation.
Buyoff: Disobey an order or regulation.
Key of Martial Individuality
The character is a maverick, doing things the way he wants them done, with little regard for anybody else.
1xp: Disregard normal procedure.
2xp: Disregard orders.
5xp: Save the day by your disregard.
Buyoff: Get punished for your ways.
Key of Martial Survival
The character survives incredible hazards while others die.
1xp: Get injured.
2xp: Avoid injury while others do not.
5xp: A companion dies.
Buyoff: Have a breakdown.


Keys - Three-Corner

Paradigm Keys

Key of Mystic Paradigm
The character considers Three-Corner magic a vessel for personal betterment, one that leads to happiness through a Balanced lifestyle.
1xp: Desist from action.
2xp: Advice another successfully.
5xp: Using your magic has happy consequences.
Buyoff: Use your magic recklessly.
Key of Scientific Paradigm
The character considers Three-Corner magic a science to be explored and used to master nature, as the practitioner learns to control and understand the six Forces that compose the world.
1xp: Learn new things.
2xp: Use foreign magic or a new spell.
5xp: Master a situation completely.
Buyoff: Witness the unexplainable.
Key of Alchemical Paradigm
The character considers Three-Corner magic a set of rituals intended for aligning the internal and external worlds, providing the practitioner an elevated position in the Totality.
1xp: Practice magic of any sort.
2xp: Understand your life from a new viewpoint.
5xp: Improve your social status.
Buyoff: Abandon your position.


Keys - Ratkin

Key of the Precious
The character is jealous of his possessions, afraid that others will take them at first opportunity.
1xp: Gain a new thing by your skills.
2xp: Fight to gain a new possession.
5xp: Defend your property against theft successfully.
Buyoff: Give your possessions away.
Key of the Rat King
The character’s litter has a very close relationship, to such a degree that they rarely disagree or do anything alone. Their combined force of will makes them natural leaders of the horde.
1xp: Act together with your litter.
3xp: Force others to obey your litter.
Buyoff: Break up the rat king. Requirement: KEY OF THE LITTER
Key of the Cargo Cult
The character lives in a puzzle of a world, trying to figure out what it all means.
1xp: Handle cultural remains.
2xp: Offer a theory for who the people that came before you were.
5xp: Institute a practice emulating the civilization you perceive.
Buyoff: Have humans explain it all to you.
Key of Cheese
The character is something of a comical interlude in the campaign, with considerably less drama to his content than other characters.
1xp: Obsess over or gobble cheese.
2xp: Have funny antics.
5xp: Impress the rest of the group with the poignancy of your comedy.
Buyoff: Choose to act humanely.
Key of the Litter (specify)
The character has a litter, and a litter-bond.
1xp: Disagree with your litter.
3xp: Defend your litter-mate from harm.
Buyoff: Leave your litter.


Keys - Ammeni

Key of the House
The character is a member of an Ammeni House, the rulers of the land.
1xp: Serve the House.
2xp: Your own interests align with those of your House.
5xp: Show initiative or take risks for the House.
Buyoff: Betray the interests of the House.
Key of the Overlord
The character enjoys his dominant position over other people.
1xp: Order somebody else to do something.
3xp: Enjoy the abasement of others.
Buyoff: Free a person under your domination.
Key of the Aesthete
The character adores experiences, the more refined the better.
1xp: Partake of art or indulgence.
3xp: Experience a new sensation.
Buyoff: Refuse a new experience.
Key of Treachery (specify)
The character is planning to betray his benefactor or ally.
1xp: Plan your treachery.
2xp: Your target trusts you.
5xp: Take steps to bring your treachery to fruition.
Buyoff: Your treachery is revealed.
Key of the Outsider
The character is not a member of a House, or if he is, then he’s a lowly assistant or a member of a marginalized House branch.
1xp: Your lack of status comes up.
2xp: You’re shut out of decisionmaking.
5xp: You suffer for your lack of status.
Buyoff: Leave Ammeni for good, or become an insider.
Key of Wanderlust
Ammeni often leave their land because of necessity or preference; some hate home, others need to prove themselves in foreign lands.
1xp: Talk about going.
3xp: Cut some ties or make


Keys - Alchemy

Key of Science
The character approaches alchemy as a science, as opposed to a symbolic art.
1xp: Apply the scientific method.
2xp: Argue for the scientific method.
5xp: Discover a new secret by observing empirical evidence, forming a series of hypotheses and testing methodically to find the truth.
Buyoff: Science fails you.
Key of the Revenant
The character is a member of the Revenant Cult, a conspiracy devoted to research of alchemical immortality.
1xp: Obey your Mentor or give orders to your Student.
2xp: Act to fulfill the precepts of the Revenant Cult.
5xp: Rise in the ranks of the Cult.
Buyoff: Relinquish your laboratory and research.
Key of Death
A fear of death controls the actions of the character, who is morbidly fascinated with the phenomenon.
1xp: Worry about death.
3xp: Embark on a new plan to cheat death.
Buyoff: Endanger your life.


Keys - Trade

Key of Corruption
The character has fallen prey to vices and entitled abasement unimaginable to the common man.
1xp: Spend wealth frivolously.
3xp: Hurt others for your amusement.
Buyoff: Lose your Fortune
Key of the Slave
The character is an acculturated slave in the Ammeni society.
1xp: Obey a master.
2xp: Disobey the master.
5xp: Get punished severely.
Buyoff: Escape from slavery.
Key of the Deal
The character strives for mutually beneficial, consensual decision-making. Or he might just think himself smarter than the next guy, and able to benefit from it.
1xp: Try to negotiate for a deal.
2xp: Close a deal.
5xp: Fulfill an important bargain.
Buyoff: Renege on an agreement.
Key of Slave Trade
The character has no problem trading in ruinous and inhuman stock, such as slaves, poisons, mercenaries or worse. He might have scruples about getting his own hands dirty, however.
1xp: Further evil aims with soft power.
2xp: Refuse to participate directly in human abasement.
5xp: Profit handily from your ruthlessness.
Buyoff: Save your victims.


Keys - Zaru

Key of the Pacifist
The character has a personal commitment to non-violence.
1xp: Strive for a non-violent solution.
3xp: Refuse to harm another to achieve your goal.
Buyoff: Purposefully harm another person.
Key of Lost Family
The character has been forced apart from his family.
1xp: Talk about your family.
2xp: Act to reunite with your family.
5xp: Get news from your family.
Buyoff: Reunite with your family.
Key of Priesthood
The character is considered an elder of the Zaru. He’s ascribed to one of the priesthoods that form webs of communication over the delta.
1xp: Advise another.
2xp: Push your priesthood’s agenda.
5xp: Determine the fate of another person by the virtue of your position.
Buyoff: Relinquish your position.
Key of Escaped Slave
The character has escaped from a plantation; he might or might not be actively pursued for it.
1xp: Hide yourself or your tracks.
2xp: Your status is questioned.
5xp: Escape from slave-catchers.
Buyoff: Get caught.
Key of Martial Arts
The character is committed to perfecting his art. Perhaps more committed than to using it for its original purpose.
1xp: Practice your art.
2xp: Duel with a worthy opponent.
5xp: Achieve a major revelation.
Buyoff: Stop your practice.


Keys - Zu

Key of the Sorcerer
The character is a SORCERER, committed to obtaining and understanding zu.
1xp: Gain intelligence about a new word.
2xp: Figure out some more Zu grammar or syntax.
5xp: Obtain a new word.
Buyoff: Willingly give away a zu.
Key of the Word-Horse
The Watchers have empowered the character to seek and steal back zu that lies in the wrong hands.
1xp: Progress with the task.
2xp: Steal to do the job.
5xp: Return zu to a Watcher.
Buyoff: Steal wrongfully, or kill.
Key of the Chatterbox
The character is not very patient and will use Zu with little provocation.
1xp: Use Zu.
3xp: Use Zu gratuitously.
Buyoff: Refuse to solve a problem with Zu.


Keys - Khale

Key of the Tribe
The character is a member of a Khalean tribe, a communal unit with central leadership.
1xp: Help the tribe.
2xp: Obey the rightful leaders.
5xp: Defend the tribe in battle.
Buyoff: Leave the tribe.
Key of Moiety
The character takes his moiety responsibilities seriously. If they are more serious to him than his tribe, he might even leave to become a lodge master or a hero.
1xp: Do work that belongs specifically to your moiety.
2xp: Monitor the activities of the other moiety yours is responsible for.
5xp: Let the moiety rules determine an affair of the heart.
Buyoff: Break the moietic rules.
Key of the Worst War
The character has been touched by the war raging in southern Khale. This Key suits the Ammeni soldiers just fine, as well as noncombatants of all stripes.
1xp: The war is discussed.
2xp: Encounter the enemy.
5xp: Get into battle
Buyoff: Leave Khale behind.




Keys - Knotwork

Key of Knot-Master
The character can’t settle in one place for long, and wants to learn the essence of everything.
1xp: Visit a new place.
2xp: Learn a new knot.
5xp: Bind a knot.
Buyoff: Unbind a knot.


Keys - Spiritwork

Key of Death-Hunter
The character has dedicated himself to putting zamani to rest.
1xp: Talk about spiritwork.
2xp: Destroy zamani.
5xp: Stop a necromancer.
Buyoff: Summon a zamani.
Key of the Walozi
The character lives apart from families, but belongs in the Qek society all the same.
1xp: Work with sasha.
2xp: Use sorcery for somebody else.
5xp: Resolve a problem with sorcery.
Buyoff: Relinquish your practice.
Key of the Necromancer
The character desires power or some other thing enough to seek it by enslaving the restless dead.
1xp: Work with zamani.
2xp: Recognize an identity in a particular zamani.
5xp: Use sorcery to achieve your desire.
Buyoff: Destroy your zamani.


Keys - Goren

Key of Vice (specify)
The character embraces a weakness of character as moral virtue, believing that it is of no consequence or even beneficial, contrary to societal expectations. Define the weakness.
1xp: The character indulges the vice.
3xp: Suffering is caused by the ways of the character.
Buyoff: Renounce the vice.
Key of Divided Kin
The character has moved over the Southern Sea and has to deal with the similar, but not quite the same people of the new land.
1xp: Small things are different.
2xp: Society is different, such as existence of guild-towns, or keeping thralls.
5xp: Fight over a religious disagreement.
Buyoff: Return home.
Key of Blood
The character believes in justice for his kin and the old values of fealty and honor.
1xp: Defend your kin.
2xp: Fight for your clan.
5xp: Choose to side with your clan instead of justice.
Buyoff: Work against your clan.
Key of Thrall
The character has become a thrall to a Gorenite clan. He is obligated to work for minimal reward and cannot quit, but he has personal liberty, and his children will be free clansmen.
1xp: Serve the clan.
2xp: Get rewarded for your work.
5xp: Get abused by your master.
Buyoff: Become free.
Key of Craft
The character is a great craftsman, passionate about his art.
1xp: Work on your craft.
3xp: Create something great.
Buyoff: Break your tools.
Key of the Coistrel
Coistrels are professional troll-hunters, often associated with the Sky God Religion.
1xp: Goblins come up in the scene.
2xp: Encounter goblins.
5xp: Fight with goblins.
Buyoff: Befriend a goblin.

Sky God Faith

Keys - Sky God Faith

Key of Courage
Highland saints teach that without Courage any virtue will fail when it truly matters.
1xp: Express a courageous virtue.
2xp: Suffer for virtuous reasons.
5xp: Lose something for the same.
Buyoff: Act in cowardice.
Key of Love
Love is the direction of virtue for the highland saints, who teach that only humans are capable of this transcendent passion.
1xp: Express a loving virtue.
2xp: Change a life to better it.
5xp: Save another’s life.
Buyoff: Act in hate.
Requirement: Be human.
Key of Truth
Highland saints consider Truth a basic philosophical principle, without which a reasonable world cannot function properly.
1xp: Express a truthful virtue.
2xp: Refuse to lie.
5xp: Expose a great lie.
Buyoff: Act in untruth.
Key of Hatred
Some Gorenites have taken to justifying their hate with Sky God. They are still sincere in their faith, and some are influential deacons.
1xp: Express your hate.
2xp: Act on your hate.
5xp: Slay a person you hate.
Buyoff: Ask for forgiveness.


Keys - Witchcraft

Key of the Maiden
The character is an unmarried, young woman. Her being and choices reflect the Harmonic Covenant.
1xp: Be in harmony with nature.
2xp: Another desires you.
5xp: Refuse to be tied down.
Buyoff: Form a new bond
Key of the Mother
The character is in a position of motherhood and authority. Her being and choices reflect the Covenant of Accord.
1xp: Be in harmony with society.
2xp: You command and others obey.
5xp: You protect or teach an important lesson to one under your protection.
Buyoff: Lose your position
Key of the Crone
The character is an old, independent woman. Her being and choices reflect the Covenant of Seeming.
1xp: Be in harmony with the unseen.
2xp: You advice somebody else.
5xp: You perform a rite of import.
Buyoff: Be at another’s mercy.


Keys - Vulfen

Key of Civilization
The character is curious about civilization, perhaps wishing to find a new way of life for his people.
1xp: Enjoy the benefits of civilization.
2xp: Learn a new thing.
5xp: Change your lifestyle to accommodate civilization.
Buyoff: Attack civilization.
Key of Agarim
The character idolizes a balanced animal life-style, refuting his aspect as a person.
1xp: Act like an animal.
3xp: Act in an inhuman way.
Buyoff: Accept a trapping of civilization.
Key of Tame Vulfen
The character has become tame and socialized into human community.
1xp: Follow human lead.
3xp: Develop a new human relationship, or change an old one.
Buyoff: Slay a person.
Key of the Pack (specify)
The character is attached to a pack with ties of family and honor.
1xp: Cooperate with the pack.
2xp: Disagree with the pack authority.
5xp: Your position in the pack changes.
Buyoff: Leave the pack.
Key of the Fetch (specify)
The character has become responsible for a hand-servant, a human who works for him.
1xp: Order the fetch about.
2xp: Take care of the fetch’s needs.
5xp: Your relationship changes.
Buyoff: Abandon the fetch.


Keys - Vulfland

Key of the Totem (animal)
The character follows and emulates a totem, either because his community does or because the spirit chose him specifically.
1xp: Emulate the totem animal.
3xp: Serve the totem’s goals, general or specific.
Buyoff: Desecrate your totem’s fetish.
Key of the Cannibal Urge
The character has eaten of the flesh of a person and thus opened himself to the wendigo.
1xp: Eat meat.
2xp: Treat others like food.
5xp: You are suspected or accused of being wendigo.
Buyoff: Confess and get purified.
Key of the Shaman
The character is considered wise and able to protect the community from the supernatural.
1xp: Carve runes or fetishes.
2xp: Advice another.
5xp: Defeat or befriend a spirit threatening the community.
Buyoff: Abandon the community.
Key of Marriage
The character would like to get married, which can be far from easy in Vulfland.
1xp: Interact with suitable candidates.
2xp: Prepare marriage gifts.
5xp: Gain the agreement of a person involved, such as everybody’s parents, village elders and shamans, and possibly others.
Buyoff: Succeed, or leave Vulfland.


Keys - Dreaming


Human Equation

Keys - Human Equation

Key of Species Identity (specify)
The character idolizes a certain non-human species.
1xp: Talk about the species and their ways.
2xp: Emulate the creatures you adore.
5xp: Gain the respect and friendship of a member of the species.
Buyoff: Accept yourself as you are. Requirement: Be human.
Key of Love (person)
The character loves another person.
1xp: The other person is present in a scene.
3xp: Express the love in action.
Buyoff: Break the relationship up.
Key of Unrequited Love (person)
The character is romantic towards another person who doesn’t return his love.
1xp: Make a choice influenced by them.
2xp: Attempt to win their affection.
5xp: Endanger yourself for the love’s sake.
Buyoff: Win their love.
Star-Crossed Key
Fate itself stands between the lovers.
1xp: Angst about the love.
2xp: Struggle to fulfill the romance.
5xp: A new obstacle presents itself.
Buyoff: Succeed in love.


Keys - Elves

Key of the Self
The character is an elf, a creature aloof and alone.
1xp: Ignore another person’s request to pursue your own goals.
3xp: Ignore someone in need to pursue your own goals.
Buyoff: Become human by either dying to save another or creating life.
Key of the Bloodline
No elf alive remembers their humanity, but some do know their bloodline, and watch their distant descendants with interest.
1xp: Observe your bloodline.
2xp: Help your kin.
5xp: Help your bloodline continue.
Buyoff: Reveal yourself to your family.
Key of the Eternal Question (specify)
There is a reason behind the illusion that is Near, and the character cannot have peace before knowing what it is. Pick a specific question, such as “Is individual virtue more important than communal well-being?” or “Why can’t I remember what happened to me at the south pole just before the Skyfire hit?”
1xp: Obsess over the question.
3xp: Apply the question to your practical situation.
Buyoff: Answer the question.
Key of Deja Vu
Thes character has experienced much, to the brink of ennui.
1xp: You’ve already experienced something that happens to you.
3xp: Your prior experience actually has an effect on the scene.
Buyoff: Have a completely new experience.
Key of Lifespan
The character cherishes the life he has now, here. He does not want to forget it, not even a little bit.
1xp: Enjoy the life you have built for yourself.
3xp: Defend your position and gains you’d lose if you had to leave.
Buyoff: Die and be reborn.


Keys - Goblins

Key of Affliction
The character suffers of the Affliction, which means that he pines over a love for a specific person, without quite understanding his condition himself.
1xp: Pine for your love.
2xp: Learn about love.
5xp: Get insulted, ostracized or ridiculed due to your state.
Buyoff: Become a human by either beating your addictions or winning the love of your target.
Key of Identity
The character is not certain of who or what he is, anymore.
1xp: Your identity is questioned.
2xp: Your identity is asserted.
5xp: Reinvent yourself from physical appearance down.
Buyoff: Settle down.
Key of Indulgence
The character knows how to enjoy life without going too far about it.
1xp: Indulge yourself, not your addictions.
3xp: Resist your addiction.
Buyoff: Gain an addiction.
Key of Parenting
A goblinet or several have imprinted on the character as their parent. This happens to goblins from time to time, especially if they live with a tribe.
1xp: Goblinets in the scene.
2xp: Care for the goblinets.
5xp: A goblinet grows up and leaves.
Buyoff: Refuse the goblinets.
Key of Goblinet
Little goblins get this Key when they’re born. They usually buy it off when they become sexually mature.
1xp: Emulate another goblin.
3xp: Learn a new thing.
Buyoff: Grow up.


Keys - Dwarves

Key of Apostasy
The character tries to refute his rings, breaking all connections. Whether he can survive without his people is an open question.
1xp: Interact with non-dwarves.
2xp: Disagree with members of your ring.
5xp: Break away from a ring.
Buyoff: Become a human by either being defended against your rings by another, or by settling down in a human community.
Key of Ring-Heart
The character is very committed to his responsibilities towards his rings.
1xp: Help your ring.
2xp: Gain the praise of a higher ordinance dwarf.
5xp: The needs of two of your rings conflict.
Buyoff: Prioritize your own purpose over the needs of a ring.
Key of Kept Secrets
The character has heavy secrets he has sworn to keep for his ring.
1xp: Secrets are discussed.
2xp: Refuse to divulge a secret.
5xp: Prevent a secret from falling into enemy hands.
Buyoff: Reveal a secret to someone who shouldn’t know it.
Key of Shame
The character is ashamed by some past misdeed that casts a shadow on his honor and ordinance.
1xp: Discourse upon your shame.
2xp: Get shunned.
5xp: Suffer a drop in ordinance.
Buyoff: Recover your lost honor.


Keys - Giants

Key of Temper
The character suffers of a volatile temperament that almost has a mind of its own.
1xp: Over-react to stimulus of any kind.
2xp: Regret your indiscretions.
5xp: Go on a rampage.
Buyoff: Become human by dying satisfied, or by slowly diminishing in stature.
Key of Awkward Size
The character is like a Disney movie protagonist, earnestly looking for his place in the world.
1xp: Cause humiliating trouble by being clumsy or inconsiderate.
2xp: Complain to a friend about how inconsiderate other people are.
5xp: Break a relationship out of frustration.
Buyoff: Save everybody with your thews.
Key of Society
The character has managed to create himself a place in community.
1xp: Interact with the others.
2xp: Work around your size to participate.
5xp: Use your strength and size to help the community greatly.
Buyoff: Lose your place and become outcast.


Keys - Beastkin

Key of the Predator
The animal is predatory by instinct.
1 Pool: Lurk or roam.
2 Pool: Attack prey.
3 Pool: Attack an unusual prey.
Key of Herding
The animal likes to live among its own kind.
1 Pool: Remain with your herd.
2 Pool: Follow the herd’s lead.
3 Pool: Defend the herd.
Key of Nocturnality
The animal prefers being active at night.
1 Pool: Be in a scene at night.
2 Pool: Refuse to come out in daylight.
3 Pool: Feed or mate at night.
Key of the Animals
The character likes animals a lot, perhaps even more than people.
1xp: Help an animal.
2xp: Tame an animal.
5xp: An animal helps you out.
Buyoff: Kill an animal.


Keys - Orania


Key of the Senator
The Kalderonite Senate is a world of its own, one that does not make allowances for humanity.
1xp: Participate in the political process.
2xp: Make a compromise.
5xp: The inhumanity of the Senate comes clearly to the fore.
Buyoff: Resign your seat.
Key of the Rabble-Rouser
The character is a Tribune of the popular assembly in Kalderon, responsible for safeguarding the will of the people against excesses of the Senate.
1xp: The will of the people is discussed.
2xp: The population assembles.
5xp: Benefit from your position.
Buyoff: Relinquish your position.
Key of the Constitution
The character genuinely believes in the Kalderonite social order. The constitution itself is not a written document, it’s “Customs of Our Ancestors”, a set of precedents.
1xp: Speak about a constitutional principle.
3xp: Defend the constitution against debasement.
Buyoff: Betray constitutional principles.
Key of the City
Kalderon is, all things considered, likely to be the greatest city remaining in the world.
1xp: A scene happens in Kalderon.
2xp: A new thing in Kalderon is revealed.
5xp: A new district is brought into the game.
Buyoff: Leave Kalderon
Key of the Lictor
The character has a duty as a peace officer in the city.
1xp: Interfere in a crime.
3xp: Fight to keep the peace.
Buyoff: Look elsewhere while crime is committed.


Key of the Purda
Most Oranides come to possess this Key in their adulthood, as they come to accept their way of life.
1xp: The other gender is not present.
2xp: Avoid interacting with things pertaining to the other gender.
5xp: Interact with the other gender in the allowed way in seasonal celebration.
Buyoff: Flout the Purda on purpose.
Key of the Horse-Lord
The character is a leading, powerfully maleidentified man of Oran.
1xp: There are animals in the scene.
2xp: Carry male symbols prominently.
5xp: Win a battle.
Buyoff: Befriend a woman.
Key of the Crop-Woman
The character is an influential, unambiguously female woman of Oran.
1xp: There are plants in the scene.
2xp: Carry female symbols prominently.
5xp: Bring in the harvest.
Buyoff: Befriend a man.
Key of Gender Defiance
The character defies traditional gender identity.
1xp: Act contrary to your gender.
3xp: Refuse to fulfill your gender obligations.
Buyoff: Initiate into a set gender.
Key of the Eunuch
The character belongs in the advisory class of men who wield great influence in the Purda, being able to interact with the women regularly.
1xp: Others treat you awkwardly.
2xp: Benefit from your position.
5xp: Mediate a dispute between the genders.
Buyoff: Allow the Purda to be disrespected.


Keys - Inselburg

Key of Liberty
The character believes in liberty at any cost.
1xp: Enjoy your liberty.
3xp: Refute an authority.
Buyoff: Compromise on your principle.
Key of the Fleet
The High Seas Fleet concerns the character.
1xp: Discuss the fleet.
2xp: Prevent the usage of the fleet.
5xp: Use the fleet for something.
Buyoff: Allow a ship to fall in strange hands.
Collegial Key (specify)
The character’s collegium has a solid collegial spirit.
1xp: Socialize with your colleagues.
3xp: Work together with the college.
Buyoff: A betrayal between colleagues.


Keys - Pere-di-Fey

Key of the Refugee
The character’s past won’t let him be, perhaps due to bad memories, pursuers or debts incurred getting to Pere-di-Fey.
1xp: Your unstable position comes up.
2xp: Your past comes to haunt you.
5xp: Leave for another place.
Buyoff: Settle down finally.
Key of the Pirate
The character makes a living as a member of a pirate crew.
1xp: Sail out.
2xp: Attack another ship.
5xp: Return home with the booty.
Buyoff: Quit and find a new vocation.
Key of Superstition
The character believes in all sorts of things that have rather minimal evidence.
1xp: Bring up a superstition.
3xp: Follow a superstition against better sense.
Buyoff: Brave a superstition of yours.
Key of the Mascot
The character is a virgin mascot of a Feyan ship, supposed to avert misfortune and counsel sailors. He or she might or might not be a volunteer.
1xp: Advice sailors on omens.
2xp: Good or bad luck befalls the ship.
5xp: Your virginity is threatened.
Buyoff: Lose your virginity.
Key of the League
The character has joined a Feyan League, a pirate fleet. Each such has its own rules of conduct, and they might go to war against each other when not in port.
1xp: Follow the Articles of your league.
2xp: Fight for your league.
5xp: Advance in the league.
Buyoff: Get out of the league.


Keys - Seafaring

Key of the Commission (specify)
The character is responsible to a crew hired for a certain mission.
1xp: Order the crew around.
2xp: Justify yourself to the crew.
5xp: Quell a mutiny.
Buyoff: Abandon the mission.
Key of the Landlubber
The character is unaccustomed to sea life, and it shows.
1xp: Throw up.
2xp: Get ridiculed.
5xp: Fall into the ocean.
Buyoff: Save a seaman’s life.
Key of the Scoundrel Crew
The character has shipped out with a bunch of no-good scoundrels.
1xp: The crew drinks or practices other vices.
2xp: Their vices cause trouble.
5xp: Get mixed up in their problems.
Buyoff: Get out or accept the crew as they are.

Nine Celestials


The Horned God

Keys - The Horned God

Key of the Horned God
The character emulates the Horned God, the ancient Gorenite deity made into a cult idol of success at any cost.
1xp: Act macho.
2xp: Use your strength to resolve a problem.
5xp: Improve your social station.
Buyoff: Give up a public office.
Key of the Fanatic
The character is willing to do anything it takes to achieve his noble aims.
1xp: Act on your convictions.
3xp: Cast aside other values to follow your beliefs.
Buyoff: Compromise on your beliefs.
Key of Conscience
The character has compunctions about his deeds.
1xp: Hesitate for moral reasons.
2xp: Refuse to commit an evil act.
5xp: Make restitution for your deeds.
Buyoff: Damn yourself beyond redemption.
Key of Machismo
The character compensates for his insecurity by shows of force.
1xp: Boast or preen.
2xp: Disdain a woman.
5xp: Make your point by force.
Buyoff: Discuss your feelings honestly and directly.

Sireap Valley

Keys - Sireap Valley

First City

Keys - First City

Key of the Prophet
The character has met with the ghosts of Zaru elders, who have given him a new purpose.
1xp: Speak of the elders.
2xp: Act on their will.
5xp: Achieve goals set to you by the elders.
Buyoff: Stop serving the elder spirits.
Nether’s Key
The character has befriended the elf Nether, a traumatized but wise wizard from a more arrogant age.
1xp: Nether teaches you.
2xp: Nether is clearly out of touch with his racist, sexist, colonialist, academic or otherwise inappropriate attitudes and understanding.
5xp: Help Nether learn about and cope to the current world.
Buyoff: Judge Nether.

Going Out

Keys - Going Out

Key of Exploration
The character yearns for the unknown.
1xp: Hear of an unknown place.
2xp: Discover things you’ve never seen before.
5xp: Discover something that isn’t in this book.
Buyoff: Settle down.

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