Keys - Ammeni

Key of the House
The character is a member of an Ammeni House, the rulers of the land.
1xp: Serve the House.
2xp: Your own interests align with those of your House.
5xp: Show initiative or take risks for the House.
Buyoff: Betray the interests of the House.
Key of the Overlord
The character enjoys his dominant position over other people.
1xp: Order somebody else to do something.
3xp: Enjoy the abasement of others.
Buyoff: Free a person under your domination.
Key of the Aesthete
The character adores experiences, the more refined the better.
1xp: Partake of art or indulgence.
3xp: Experience a new sensation.
Buyoff: Refuse a new experience.
Key of Treachery (specify)
The character is planning to betray his benefactor or ally.
1xp: Plan your treachery.
2xp: Your target trusts you.
5xp: Take steps to bring your treachery to fruition.
Buyoff: Your treachery is revealed.
Key of the Outsider
The character is not a member of a House, or if he is, then he’s a lowly assistant or a member of a marginalized House branch.
1xp: Your lack of status comes up.
2xp: You’re shut out of decisionmaking.
5xp: You suffer for your lack of status.
Buyoff: Leave Ammeni for good, or become an insider.
Key of Wanderlust
Ammeni often leave their land because of necessity or preference; some hate home, others need to prove themselves in foreign lands.
1xp: Talk about going.
3xp: Cut some ties or make