Keys - Beastkin

Key of the Predator
The animal is predatory by instinct.
1 Pool: Lurk or roam.
2 Pool: Attack prey.
3 Pool: Attack an unusual prey.
Key of Herding
The animal likes to live among its own kind.
1 Pool: Remain with your herd.
2 Pool: Follow the herd’s lead.
3 Pool: Defend the herd.
Key of Nocturnality
The animal prefers being active at night.
1 Pool: Be in a scene at night.
2 Pool: Refuse to come out in daylight.
3 Pool: Feed or mate at night.
Key of the Animals
The character likes animals a lot, perhaps even more than people.
1xp: Help an animal.
2xp: Tame an animal.
5xp: An animal helps you out.
Buyoff: Kill an animal.