Keys - Dwarves

Key of Apostasy
The character tries to refute his rings, breaking all connections. Whether he can survive without his people is an open question.
1xp: Interact with non-dwarves.
2xp: Disagree with members of your ring.
5xp: Break away from a ring.
Buyoff: Become a human by either being defended against your rings by another, or by settling down in a human community.
Key of Ring-Heart
The character is very committed to his responsibilities towards his rings.
1xp: Help your ring.
2xp: Gain the praise of a higher ordinance dwarf.
5xp: The needs of two of your rings conflict.
Buyoff: Prioritize your own purpose over the needs of a ring.
Key of Kept Secrets
The character has heavy secrets he has sworn to keep for his ring.
1xp: Secrets are discussed.
2xp: Refuse to divulge a secret.
5xp: Prevent a secret from falling into enemy hands.
Buyoff: Reveal a secret to someone who shouldn’t know it.
Key of Shame
The character is ashamed by some past misdeed that casts a shadow on his honor and ordinance.
1xp: Discourse upon your shame.
2xp: Get shunned.
5xp: Suffer a drop in ordinance.
Buyoff: Recover your lost honor.