Keys - Human Equation

Key of Species Identity (specify)
The character idolizes a certain non-human species.
1xp: Talk about the species and their ways.
2xp: Emulate the creatures you adore.
5xp: Gain the respect and friendship of a member of the species.
Buyoff: Accept yourself as you are. Requirement: Be human.
Key of Love (person)
The character loves another person.
1xp: The other person is present in a scene.
3xp: Express the love in action.
Buyoff: Break the relationship up.
Key of Unrequited Love (person)
The character is romantic towards another person who doesn’t return his love.
1xp: Make a choice influenced by them.
2xp: Attempt to win their affection.
5xp: Endanger yourself for the love’s sake.
Buyoff: Win their love.
Star-Crossed Key
Fate itself stands between the lovers.
1xp: Angst about the love.
2xp: Struggle to fulfill the romance.
5xp: A new obstacle presents itself.
Buyoff: Succeed in love.