Keys - Maldor

Key of Manipulation
The character is situated to influence a ruler’s politics while himself staying in the shadows.
1xp: Advise your ruler.
2xp: Act against your ruler’s interests.
5xp: Force your ruler to follow your will.
Buyoff: Accept the mantle of power for yourself.
Key of Nobility
The character considers himself one of the privileged in Maldor, justified in his rule by his nobility.
1xp: Your status comes up.
2xp: You get the respect you deserve.
5xp: Prove yourself better than commoners.
Buyoff: Humble yourself in front of commoners.
Key of Revolution
Maldor is wracked by social unrest as unjust governments struggle to hold onto power against ideas old and new.
1xp: Speak against the ruler.
2xp: Act against the government.
5xp: The government reacts to you in fear and concern.
Buyoff: Accept a favor from the government.