Keys - Ratkin

Key of the Precious
The character is jealous of his possessions, afraid that others will take them at first opportunity.
1xp: Gain a new thing by your skills.
2xp: Fight to gain a new possession.
5xp: Defend your property against theft successfully.
Buyoff: Give your possessions away.
Key of the Rat King
The character’s litter has a very close relationship, to such a degree that they rarely disagree or do anything alone. Their combined force of will makes them natural leaders of the horde.
1xp: Act together with your litter.
3xp: Force others to obey your litter.
Buyoff: Break up the rat king. Requirement: KEY OF THE LITTER
Key of the Cargo Cult
The character lives in a puzzle of a world, trying to figure out what it all means.
1xp: Handle cultural remains.
2xp: Offer a theory for who the people that came before you were.
5xp: Institute a practice emulating the civilization you perceive.
Buyoff: Have humans explain it all to you.
Key of Cheese
The character is something of a comical interlude in the campaign, with considerably less drama to his content than other characters.
1xp: Obsess over or gobble cheese.
2xp: Have funny antics.
5xp: Impress the rest of the group with the poignancy of your comedy.
Buyoff: Choose to act humanely.
Key of the Litter (specify)
The character has a litter, and a litter-bond.
1xp: Disagree with your litter.
3xp: Defend your litter-mate from harm.
Buyoff: Leave your litter.