Keys - Seafaring

Key of the Commission (specify)
The character is responsible to a crew hired for a certain mission.
1xp: Order the crew around.
2xp: Justify yourself to the crew.
5xp: Quell a mutiny.
Buyoff: Abandon the mission.
Key of the Landlubber
The character is unaccustomed to sea life, and it shows.
1xp: Throw up.
2xp: Get ridiculed.
5xp: Fall into the ocean.
Buyoff: Save a seaman’s life.
Key of the Scoundrel Crew
The character has shipped out with a bunch of no-good scoundrels.
1xp: The crew drinks or practices other vices.
2xp: Their vices cause trouble.
5xp: Get mixed up in their problems.
Buyoff: Get out or accept the crew as they are.