Keys - Vulfland

Key of the Totem (animal)
The character follows and emulates a totem, either because his community does or because the spirit chose him specifically.
1xp: Emulate the totem animal.
3xp: Serve the totem’s goals, general or specific.
Buyoff: Desecrate your totem’s fetish.
Key of the Cannibal Urge
The character has eaten of the flesh of a person and thus opened himself to the wendigo.
1xp: Eat meat.
2xp: Treat others like food.
5xp: You are suspected or accused of being wendigo.
Buyoff: Confess and get purified.
Key of the Shaman
The character is considered wise and able to protect the community from the supernatural.
1xp: Carve runes or fetishes.
2xp: Advice another.
5xp: Defeat or befriend a spirit threatening the community.
Buyoff: Abandon the community.
Key of Marriage
The character would like to get married, which can be far from easy in Vulfland.
1xp: Interact with suitable candidates.
2xp: Prepare marriage gifts.
5xp: Gain the agreement of a person involved, such as everybody’s parents, village elders and shamans, and possibly others.
Buyoff: Succeed, or leave Vulfland.