Keys - Warcraft

Key of Martial Honor
The character values camaraderie and virtues of his military fellows and enemies alike.
1xp: Act honorably.
3xp: Scorn a civilian viewpoint or value.
Buyoff: Compromise your honor.
Key of Martial Savagery
The character is a hardened killer whose values have adapted to the environment. Were I the Story Guide, I’d keep an eye on this one: players who don’t reflect on their characters’ actions can’t handle Keys that reward monstrous behavior.
1xp: Act brutally towards another.
2xp: Attack another.
5xp: Kill for no good reason.
Buyoff: Stay your hand.
Key of Martial Obedience
The character considers discipline the only thing that makes war possible or worthwhile.
1xp: Receive or give orders.
3xp: Obey orders in a crisis situation.
Buyoff: Disobey an order or regulation.
Key of Martial Individuality
The character is a maverick, doing things the way he wants them done, with little regard for anybody else.
1xp: Disregard normal procedure.
2xp: Disregard orders.
5xp: Save the day by your disregard.
Buyoff: Get punished for your ways.
Key of Martial Survival
The character survives incredible hazards while others die.
1xp: Get injured.
2xp: Avoid injury while others do not.
5xp: A companion dies.
Buyoff: Have a breakdown.