Names - Ammeni

Ammenites are of Maldorite stock, so their language is Romance like Maldor’s. Theirs is a land of many minorities and cultures, however, so in practice their language sounds exotic to those from Maldor, including foreign clicks and accents.


Kaarlo, Philippe, Amoux, Onfroi, Cador, Edmund, Owain, Montaigu, D’anton, Jarkko, Toussaint, Duval, Quennel, Dacian, Piperel.


Helene, Galatee, Shalott, Celie, Arleta, Eugenia, Sidonie, Rohais, Ruby, Eleta, Ysabel, Zuria, Marquisa, Damia, Aveline. Also use names from any lands Ammenites trade with, as women often take exotic names, or are actually brought from afar.


Valier, Desmarais, Braud, Landry, Nevill, Godott, Somm, Badeh. The family names of high classes originate often from Antiquity (like the House names), or pretend to. House members use the name of the House, possibly barreled with a second name indicating their House branch. While House members are “of the House” with de/du particles, House slaves are “House’s” with the -ae/-e(h) suffix. So “De Braud” for House members, “Braude” for slaves and other property.


People outside the Houses do not use family names, but rather patronymics or (rarely) matronymics. The father’s name gets the -eau/-eh suffix to make a patronymic, like Philipeau or Cadoreh.

Places and Things

Ammeni do not usually name places; rather, they use the native names. New places and things owned by Ammeni might be named for the people owning them, in either possessive or genitive case.