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Hephaestus (Black Box) Jefferson

Hephaestus, known to his friends as “Black Box” is a Dwarf native the the poisoned 3rd World - Borginia. He was involved with the events of The Spiral Tower and incidentally with the events of Rinndo Caiine’s rampage.

Hephaestus was dwarven Inquisitor(or Gate Wardens) of humble origins who wanted nothing more but to treat with the Valerian Inquisitors to determine why a massive design defect existed in the constructed Valerian gate that led to his world and city. What ended up happening culminated in events that would lead him to the Spiral Tower to stop Robin and Crow of the Immortal Thirteen from leading Thardizun back into this world.

After stopping Thardizun from entering Seigue and destroying the rampaging body of Io, Hephaestus was framed for murder by Hazel Fortune and elected to stay behind and face the Valerian judicial system in order to clear the others’ names. After a short stint in a Rivergate prison, Hephaestus mysteriously disappeared after the attack by Red Cyclone and the destruction of the Obselece Airship.

Another entity also known as Hephaestus, but from another continuum, aided Zoren Kroft and company in stopping the Anti-God Rinndo Caiine from destroying all of Concordia, he too mysteriously disappeared after Rinndo was killed.